NXT Conversion Cable
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The Conversion Cable lets you to connect RCX sensors and motors to the NXT.

Most Techno-stuff sensors have been tested with the Conversion Cable. See the individual sensor page to find if your sensor has been tested.

This cable is no longer sold by Lego.

         NXT Conversion Cable .


Third party RCX sensors can be read with the NXT G-code. Unpowered sensors can be read using the G-code icon for the legacy temperature sensor. Click on the bottom of the icon to see the raw output, as shown below.

Powered sensors can be read with the legacy light sensor icon, using either the raw or scaled output as shown below.

There seems to a subtle difference in the default software scaling of the NXT versus the RCX in RCX light sensor mode. This is not a big concern but some program values may need to be adjusted as you move an old sensor from RCX to NXT. The graph below shows the difference in scaling factor.

In these measurements there was a consistent difference of six RAW between my RCX and NXT. I assume this is due to normal hardware tolerance.

One might think this difference could be corrected using "Calibration" program blocks. Unfortunately the calibration process does not seem to accept a minimum value lower than the default of around 475 raw. It will not accept a maximum value higher than the default around 892 raw. Thus the slope of the red line above can be increased, but it can not be decreased.