Linear Actuator motor for NXT and RCX
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Withdrawn       LINACT    Motor for NXT and RCX    

Withdrawn       LINPKG    Linear Actuator and motor     

The easy way to build computer controlled "hydraulic" cylinders.

This Techno-stuff motor snaps onto a Lego Linear Actuator.  This combination is easier to use and provides more force than a Lego pneumatic cylinder. The motor snaps onto the Lego Linear actuator and connects directly to a NXT.  It connects to a RCX or battery box through the Lego NXT conversion cable.  The motor may be purchased by itself, or as a packge including both a motor and a Lego actuator.   Please note that while this combination provides substantial force, it is somewhat slow.  The actuator will need about 40 seconds to extend completely.


Snap-in motor to drive the Lego Linear Actuator.  

Lego Linear Actuator

Lego makes a Linear Actuator that converts rotary motion to linear motion.  This is useful in creating short powerful strokes similar to a hydraulic cylinder.  Unfortunately it is difficult to use with the standard Lego motors. 

Lego Linear Actuator.

Techno-stuff motor attached to Lego Linear Actuator.


With NXT the motor is programmed just like a legacy 9 volt motor. 

With RCX it is programmed like a standard 9 volt motor.

How do you know when to stop the motor? 

Maximum actuator movement is about 40 mm.  With the Techno-stuff motor it takes about 40 seconds to travel this distance.  There is a slip clutch inside the Lego Linear Actuator.  If the motor continues to run after the actuator has reached it's limit of travel, the clutch will slip and make a 'clicking' sound.  This prevents damage to the motor and actuator.

You can control the position by controlling how long the motor runs.  If you want the actuator to extend half way, run the motor for 20 seconds.  When you return to the retracted position, run the motor a little longer so the clutch slips.  This will guarentee it is fully retracted.



Crane lifting a 200 gram weight.

Simple crane element.

Pivot joints that need to rotate


• Compatible with Lego NXT and RCX robot systems.  (RCX requires conversion cable.)

•  Size: (white plastic box)  51 x 25.5 x 18 mm.

•  Maximum force from actuator:  10 Newtons

•  Extention speed:  1 mm / sec.

•  Motor speed Aprox. 50 RPM.

•  Current:  No load = 20 mA.  Max load = 60 mA.