Electrical Relay for VEX
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Limited Stock.       VRELAY    Electrical Relay for VEX    $29.00 

Control other electrical equipment with your VEX.

A relay is an electric switch. You can use a relay to turn on electrical devices that do not attach directly to your VEX. For example, you could use a relay to run a 12 volt HO train from your VEX. A relay is a simply on/off switch. It will not allow you to control the speed of your train from the VEX.

Electrical Relay for VEX.


Your program controls the relay by using the digital output block in EasyC. The relay is activated when the VEX digital output is set to logic one. (Digital output is high) .



•  Compatible with VEX robot system.

•  Plastic case box is 27x27x20 mm. Mounting flange is 45 mm long.

•  Screw hole spacing is compatible with VEX metal.

•  3 pin male connector accepts VEX extension cable..

•  6 pin compression screw connector for relay terminals

•  Maximum contact current: 2 Amp.

•  Maximum contact voltage: 48 volts AC or DC.

Technical Description

The black box contains a 5 volt DPDT relay and drive transistor as shown below.