1More Triple Driver Vs Shure Se215

The 1more triple driver and Shure stand out from the entire range of earphones in the market. In this post, we have included 1more triple driver vs Shure se215 detailed comparison.

These are way too good and make the most substantial choices for the earphones. Both are excellent choices of headphones when it comes to the audiophile.

These earphones come with specific pair of pros and cons. Hence, you can pick the ones that suit your requirements.

The Shure earphones are very comfortable, and you can wear these for an extended period as well.

These are also durable as compared to the other variant of the headphones. 

The sound signature of the Shure headphones is jet black. However, these headphones lack detail and brightness.

On the other hand, the 1more triple driver headphones have treble issues but come with more robust bass.

Therefore, for the bass lovers, the 1more triple driver makes an excellent choice.

These are also slightly more v-shaped and have an excellent sound profile as well. Bot the ear headphones have a remarkable built-in design.

Therefore, let’s move ahead and discover all the parameters in detail about these ear headphones.

1more Triple Driver


Key Highlights

  •  Extreme Durability
  • Superior MEMS Microphone
  • Intelligent Control Technology

Shure Se215


Key Highlights

  • Compact carrying case
  • Sound isolating sleeves
  • Durable reinforced cable

Build Quality – 1More Triple Driver Vs Shure SE215

Though, both ear headphones have specific strengths and weaknesses. Both of them come along with an excellent build.

Both the in-ear headphones are pretty similar in design. However, both the ear headphones edge out each other in various other categories.

The Shure headphones have better built as compared to the 1more triple driver ear headphones. Also, these are more stable with excellent sound delivery.

Also, this brand variant of the Shure se215 has many other colour options as well.

These ear headphones also have a detachable cable. This increases the durability of the headphones.

On the other hand, the 1more triple driver headphones come with more stylish designs, which come with better accessories.

These also include ear tip options and a more premium travel case.

Unlike the Shure product, these ear headphones also include an in-line remote, allowing them to win by default in the controls category.

Hence, under the price range of $100, excellent ear headphones.

Fit Of The 1More Triple Driver Vs Shure SE215

The SE215 ear headphones are very excellent in terms of fit. The 1more triple driver also wired in-ear headphones or earphones with angled nozzles and multiple ear tip options.

Like any other earphones, also these are much more breathable than over-ear and on the ear. Also, these headphones do not cover up your ears at all.

But unlike the earbuds such as the apple ear pods and the bose sound sport.

Also, these tend to go inside your ear canals. Though, this can be an awkward sensation for some people.

Though both of these headphones are almost of the very same category, but these headphones are of a different fit and style.

The Shure product offers better comfort and stability.

These also have an over-ear design, which means that the audio cables connecting to the earpieces go entirely over your ears.

This also means that the audio cables connecting to the earpieces go over your ears, making them a very stable fit.

You can also freely bend the ear hooks in the audio cable. This helps in retaining the shape when adjusted to make the earphones.

This also makes the earphones very secure. The Shure se215 ear headphones also include the three pairs of silicone ear tips in the box.

Despite the ear tips entering your ears, these headphones are also very comfortable.

Controls And Functions Of The 1More Triple Driver Vs Shure SE215

Most probably, the 1more triple driver ear headphones win in this category. Unlike the Shure se215, these headphones come along with an excellent audio cable.

This cable has an integrated three-button remote for essential functions to operate.

You can use the cable to manage the calls, music and also to adjust the volume.

You can also activate tech support when necessary with these headphones.

These are also easy to use and have many responsive buttons that are not too stiff with the inline remote functions.

These also have built-in mic functions. These features make the 1 more triple driver ear headphones perfect and all-purpose headphones.

Also, for the Shure SE215, an inline remote is optional. Like the other wired headphones, these are designed primarily for listening to the entire range of music.

Besides, the inline cable lacks the remote feature. You also get the three-button control system scheme for call and music management.

These buttons also provide you with volume management.

You can also look up the third-party audio cables if you prefer something cheaper for in-ear headphones.

Sound Performance – 1More Triple Driver VS Shure SE215

There is no such winner in terms of sound and performance as both the variants are excellent.

Though, these have different strengths and weaknesses. 

The Shure earphones category has fun but a darker sound profile and provides better passive sound isolation.

Their detachable audio cable tends to open up more connectivity opportunities.

This makes these headphones more versatile also. Whereas, on the other hand, the 1more earphones have a better balanced and more neutral sound.

Along with it, these also tend to win the mic category by default system of the sound. This features an excellent inline for phone calls.

Verdict – 1more Triple Driver Vs Shure se215

Both the Shure SE215 and the 1more triple driver are good-sounding earphones.

These are also available with a neutral sound profile.

The emphasized bass is intense in the Shure headphones, whereas the 1 more triple driver has neutral and mid-range bass spread.

The excellent balance and excellent detail of the ear headphones make these headphones worth buying. You can also find better isolation in Shure se125.

Now, you can easily pick the best variant of the most popular ear headphones effortlessly.

Make sure to consider all the parameters.

Let us know your views about 1more Triple Driver Vs Shure se215 comparison post in the comment section.

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