AKG K712 vs AKG K7XX

AKG, or Akustische und Kino-Geräte, translates to Acoustic and Cinema equipment, one of the biggest companies in the audio industry that boasts excellent products like their earphones, speakers, and headphones. In this post, we have included AKG K712 vs AKG K7XX comparison.

AKG and quality sound go hand in hand. Established in 1947, AKG expanded its presence worldwide thanks to its high-quality music and drive for innovation.

AKG products are of a particular standard and are great for people of all professions.

When it comes to Headphones, AKG’s products are supreme quality, build and sound coming second to none.

Headphones are probably one of the best inventions in quite some time.

They offer the listener privacy and sounds of the utmost quality.

Nowadays, most headphones come with a noise-canceling feature, which is a feature ahead of its time if you think about it.

This is all possible with innovation and advancements in technology.

Moreover, most headphones nowadays come with water, dust, and shock-resistant technologies, making them durable and portable.

Additionally, thanks to their wireless ability, they can now be used for physical activities like jogging/runs, workouts, or dynamic gaming like Wii.

Nowadays, headphones also come with the premium build quality and aesthetic designs to cater to the growing demand for customization and uniqueness.

Therefore, it is not surprising that hundreds and thousands of different types of headphone brands constantly come out with new products now and then.

This article will talk about headphones of the AKG brand, the K712 & K7XX in particular while offering a comparison between the two.

AKG K712

AKG K712


Key Highlights

  • Over-ear design
  • Flat wire voice coil
  • Improved low-end performance

The K712’s are open, over-the-ear headphones designed for detailed listening, blending, and processing.

The over the ear configuration ensures optimum wearing ease for tireless blending and processing while also delivering spacious and airy sound.

Their accurate, powerful sound is the product of a 3dB improvement in low-end performance.

For a light and relaxed fit, these headphones have a premium soft leather headband.

Their transducers have been specifically chosen to ensure continuity and accuracy in localization.

The K712’s have a professional mini XLR connector for easy cable replacement.

They also come with an extra coiled cable and a luxury carrying bag which makes for a great accessory on the go.

Moreover, it also boasts a 4.5/5-star rating on Headphonecheck.com, a website that reviews headphones by a team of experts like musicians, journalists’ audiophiles, etc.

On Amazon, it comes with a 4.4/5-star rating as rated by 1,849 people.




Key Highlights

  • Flat-wire voice coil
  • Open-back construction
  • Maximum input power: 200 mW

The AKG K7XX is another premium product that is designed to keep you comfortable during long listening sessions.

The self-adjusting leather headband and memory foam earpads are comfortable to wear for long periods.

Moreover, it comes with an upgraded soundstage and response.

These headphones have been tweaked to provide extended frequency response and a large, location-specific soundstage, bringing you closer to your music than ever before.

This version of the AKG headphone has the same dynamic driver technology and superior construction quality as the AKG K702 65th-anniversary-edition headphone, with a few sound and comfort improvements.

The double black colour creates a streamlined look that does not have to shout to be noticed—not to mention that each one is independently measured and counted, with a rated impedance of 62 ohms.

However, unlike the K712’s, these headphones only come with a quarter-inch (6.3mm) adapter.

Moreover, this headphone boasts a 4.2/5 rating on Amazon as rated by 53 users.

TypeStereo plug – 3.5mm (1/8’’) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapterStereo plug – 3.5mm (1/8’’) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapter
Frequency Response (Hz)10 to 39,80010 to 39,800
Maximum input power (mW)200200
Sensitivity (dB SPL/V @ 1 kHz)105105
Nominal impedance (Ω)6262
Replaceable EarpadsYesYes
Acoustic DesignOpenClose
Weight8.3 oz. (235 g)8.3 oz. (235 g)
ColourBlack, Black-OrangeBlack, Black-Red

To better understand some of the products’ specifications and what they mean, I will try to break them down for you below.

What is sensitivity? and how does in influence the performance of these headphones ?

The sensitivity of a headphone refers to how often it transforms an electrical signal into an acoustic signal.

Typically, the sensitivity is measured in decibels of sound pressure level per milliwatt.

The sensitivity of headphones determines how loud they can be at a given volume level from the source.

Headphones typically have a sensitivity range of 80 to 125 dB SPL/mW. Therefore, the louder your headphone, the greater their sensitivity.

Each of these headphones has a sensitivity of 105dB, which is slightly above the average headphone sensitivity.

What is Nominal impedance ?

Impedance is the resistance to current flow. The lower the impedance, the less current flowed.

Impedance is expressed in Ohms, which is denoted by the Greek letter Omega (Ω). Earphones and headphones have resistances ranging from 8 Ohms to 600 Ohms or more.

Low-impedance headsets work well for low-power devices like tablets, laptops, and other handheld devices, whereas High-impedance headphones have a reputation for being more dependable.

Each of these headphones boasts a low nominal impedance of 62 ohms.

Frequency Response – AKG K712 vs AKG K7XX

The frequency-specific sensitivity of the output is referred to as headphone frequency response.

The frequency responses demonstrate the spectrum of frequencies that headphones can reproduce.

The optimal frequency range is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which is the audible sound range.

Each of these headphones comes with an excellent frequency response value between 10 & 39,800Hz.

Most of the other specifications are self-explanatory and can be easily understood.

The specifications mentioned above are not unique to headphones but also to earphones & headphones alike.

Now that we have covered the software, let us talk about their build & design and the sound quality.

Build & design – AKG K712 vs AKG K7XX

The K7XX and K712 are open-back headphones targeted mainly at people who make music or listen professionally rather than everyday users.

The open-air configuration enables you to play with the studio monitor’s microphones, giving you the impression of a large stereo image with practically no separation.

It encourages air to circulate through the speaker section through their ear cups, preventing friction from building up and affecting the sound.

In most ways, they sound pretty similar, but the K712 earpads are heavier, more rigid, and have a deeper memory foam pad, which may be the essential choice in some situations. As a result, K712 gets the nod for comfort in this category.

The K7XX comes with soft shallow ear pads. These pads make most of the difference in terms of comfort and versatility of the sound quality and soundstage.

The lightweight, elastic headband is very comforting.

Moreover,  the leather strap moves up and down to automatically adapt the headphones to the size and shape of the user’s head.

They both weigh just 235 g, which is very lightweight for professional headphones.

Earpads, and most headphones, must maintain the same sound quality for 2 to 3 years before being too disfigured.

It is not difficult to replace them as they can be easily obtained and removed without any special equipment.

The cable can also be easily cut. However, they are both made of plastic, which gives off a generic feel.

They can be too large and bulky for certain people, causing them to stand out in a crowd.

Sound Quality – AKG K712 vs AKG K7XX

Let us begin with the AKG K712’s sound efficiency.

As with several open-back headphones, the mid-band frequency range is between 80Hz and 1100Hz, which is relatively neutral.

This is critical since most music, regardless of genre, contains key instrumental tones.

So, if the mid-bands are not entirely correct, K712 might have some issues. The Upper mid-bands show two dips at 1.3 kHz and 3 kHz, which influence numerous instruments most noticeably if things do not go perfectly.

As a result, after the dip highs, starting at 5 kHz, the overtones become too prominent.

The K712 now seems to be more systematic for professional use. The features of the sub-bass are similar to those of an open-back headphone.

The K7XX, on the other hand, is vast and broad, with a decent balance of space and a great soundstage.

When there is some loss of clarity at the high end of the frequency band, the image generated by the reference headphones is still accurate.

The advantages of the flat frequency response have been previously showcased by electric guitars, lead synths, and your brass instrument, and the K7XX midrange is no exception.

The K7XX has a 3dB boost that was not in their initial headphones, which appears to have been a wise choice made available to the public.

Following its execution, the treble has also improved.

Instruments are hard clamped to one side and tend to play off the outer edges of the ear because the soundstage of K7XX is so big.

Users have voiced many concerns about the intimidating nature of the experience. With K712, this issue was resolved.

Because of the firm and thicker patches, the soundstage does not stretch as much as K7XX does.

When it comes to sound consistency, K712 has made a significant stride forward.

Ultimately, from this, one can conclude that the K7XX is more for an average daily listener who listens to music for pleasure or streams regular content.

However, the K712 is best suited for audiophiles who listen to music with passion and require absolute clarity.

Ending Thoughts – AKG K712 vs AKG K7XX

As mentioned earlier, the AKG K712 is best suited for musical professionals if you work with music as a composer or producer, for example.

These headphones offer you a more precise audio experience which can potentially increase the efficiency of your work.

Moreover, they promise a reasonably comfortable and above-average build quality. This is an excellent example of a “you pay for what you get” product.

The AKG K7XX, on the other hand, is for people who want to own a pair of top-notch quality headphones without shelling a lot.

These headphones are incredibly user-friendly and comfortable.

Moreover, it possesses a broader sound range, natural tone, and precise bass with rich mids whilst being cost-effective.

Although the wide soundstage can cause distortions, one cannot complain as a product of this price cannot deliver better.

I hope this article will make you make a more conscious decision now that you know the differences between the two headphones and their advantages and disadvantages.

It can be a tricky decision, but if you have set a budget in mind, it should ease your decision.

Let us know your views about the AKG K712 vs AKG K7XX comparison in the comment section.

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