Best Songs To Test Headphones

Whether you’re planning to buy new headphones or test your current headphones, certain songs will help you test the headphones the best. In this post, we have listed the best songs to test headphones.

While we can argue about frequency response, bass response and other features, we all know for a fact that all headphones are not created equally.

Each headphone has a different and unique sound signature which provides a different hearing experience.


Hence you can hear the same song on two different headphones and have different experiences as well.

Although the sound quality will matter depending upon the quality of audio, hence we have decided to consider Youtube songs that you can hear to test your headphones.

1. Rush – Tom Sawyer (Best Songs To Test headphones)

This song includes more drum and guitar work. If you want to test the mid-range and the high notes, then this song is ideal since it has a lot of both.

If you want to check on the minuscule details of your headphones, you should try hearing this song out.

2. Mountains – Hans Zimmer

This song is ideal for testing dynamics and crescendo. If you want to test the high notes and instruments, then this song is ideal.

The song taps high notes as well. You should hear this song if you want to see how your headphones respond to the upper notes and if they distort or not.

3. City Burns – Andra Day

This song has tremendous vocal work. Another song that you should hear with your headphones.

The mids and high notes shine on this song. It would give you a better understanding of the sound signature of your headphones.

4. David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia

This song has a good mix of bass and treble. If you want to see how your headphones perform with punchy bass and high notes, then this is the song you should hear.

The song includes a good amount of instruments as well. This song will help you notice the audio separation, imaging and soundstage of the headphones.

5. A Thousand Years – The Piano Guys

This song includes only instruments, but it includes details of instruments which makes this song ideal for testing headphones.

You would be able to know the soundstage of your headphones as well since multiple instruments are being played at the same time.

The high frequencies, along with detailed notes, are highlighted in this song.


These were the five best songs to test headphones. Since there are numerous songs out there, it is difficult to include all of them.

Hence we have included five songs that will provide a high range of notes and help you understand or experience the sound signature of your headphones below.

Let us know your best songs to test headphones in the comment section.

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