Bose Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Soundbars are excellent in providing the users with a very sleek design. These amazing soundbars come with the excellent feature of portability. The Bose Dolby Atmos soundbar is super amazing in providing excellent features and a marvelous user experience in terms of sound.

The main mission of launching the soundbar is to provide the best possible sound from a single speaker itself.

This allows the users to forget about the hassles of carrying various wires, a different set of speakers, and many other accessories.

The Bose Dolby Atmos sandbar 700 is excellent in the price range of $800.

This comes with a very elegant exterior and many modern features, making these soundbars perfect for all uses.

These speakers have a very premium design which easily enhances the richness of your decor.

The brand Bose is popularly known for two things, first for the excellent sound and second for the high crafting skills.

With the choice of the excellent voice assistant, these shoes Dolby atmos soundbars are considered to be the smartest.

The soundbar comes with the latest technologies of the quiet port and phase guide.

The Bose company also uses the technology of the ADAPTiQ auto audio calibration. It also uses the same cabinet as the previous 300.

Build And Design Of The Bose Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Bose Smart Soundbar 700


Key Highlights

  • Built-in Alexa
  • Bose Music app
  • Wi-Fi network, Apple AirPlay 2, or Spotify Connect

The HDMI inputs of the Dolby atmos soundbar comes with eARC support.

This helps in the smooth connection of the apple airplay 2, along with the universal redesigned remote.

This provides easy navigation for the users. These also have inbuilt and default amazon Alexa and google assistant. Hence, this turns out to be a fully-fledged smart speaker.

But as the company claims that the bose Dolby atmos soundbars are the world’s best speakers, they still lack the presence of HDMI inputs.

Also, the soundbar lacks a separate subwoofer. Therefore, the against lacks in the riding of the performances.

These soundbars have the complete look of high-end speakers. At this price range, it isn’t easy to get the speakers of these looks easily.

These are super sleek, stylish, and with a single cabinet. These can be placed anywhere in your room.

As with this compact design, the speakers won’t provide you with any space issues.

The design of the speakers is also perforated and wrap-around with an aluminum grille combined with a tempered glass top.

With these soundbars, you also choose to choose from the color variants like glossy black and arctic white.

No, doubt, both the variants look stylish and sleek. Unfortunately, the design of these Bose Dolby Atmos soundbars lacks the over function.

Users tend to claim that some functions and elements of the soundbars tend to become very annoying after some time.

Even with the slightest touch on the glass screen, you can observe huge fingerprints which eventually appear on the tv screen when connected, which provides a lot of distraction.

Connections, Remote, And Navigation Of The Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Bose Smart Soundbar 700


Key Highlights

  • Surround Sound
  • Custom 8-mic array
  • Bose SimpleSync technology

The Bose Dolby Atmos soundbar has typical and physical connections for all the wired setup.

In another design scenario of the Dolby atmos sandbar, there is very little room to plug in the cables.

But the essential credit with soundbars is that they at least include the optical HDMI cables in the box. This makes the functioning essentially very smooth.

The physical connections are with the mixed bag, and in one section, you can also find the recess, an HDMI port, an optical digital input, an Ethernet port, and a micro USB port.

There is a socket for the power cable and four 3.5mm jacks for a subwoofer, data, IR extender, and the ADAPTiQ headset in much other recess.

The entire soundbar system supports the eARC technology.

This supports the users to send the lossless audio from their TV back to the soundbar efficiently. This comes to assume that your TV also supports each technology.

The Bose Dolby Atmos soundbar comes with a universal remote.

This makes the navigation smooth and easy. This is available with metal construction and a motion-activated backlight.

This can be easily paired with many devices. This includes tv, blu ray, player, games console, video streamer set-top box, and a lot more. All of the devices can be easily controlled with one single wand.

Though, the zapper f the soundbar suffers a little bit from the short-sighted design.

It tends to be big for a start, but the soft rubber button patterns easily attract the dust and fluff.

Therefore, you need to take more precautions while cleaning the universal remote.

Features Of The Bose Dolby Atmos Soundbar

There are numerous features of the outstanding soundbar.

Many of the features are solely focused on the aims of the smart speaker.

The included on amazon, Alexa, Google assistant, makes them an incredible choice.

Suppose you are looking for a soundbar in this price range. Then this is an excellent soundbar to go with.

You can easily set up all these accounts by linking to your existing accounts using the Bose app.

Though, the process is a little cumbersome. But once you are done with the process, you are good to go and enjoy the complete range of the music anytime you want.

These can also provide you with the weather updates and the playing of the playlists that you want to listen to.

You can also pick a radio channel on which you want to listen to music constantly.

There are also many choices of the music services like Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, tune in and radio.

Verdict – Bose Dolby Atmos Soundbar

The performance of the soundbar is excellent.

Even if you consider all the sounds, whether it is low, mid, or high, there is no distortion of the sound.

The speakers are also super easy to install and have fun with.

You can launch the Bose music app and start playing the songs of your choice and start with your never-ending party!

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