Grado sr60e vs sr80e

Grado is a Brooklyn based company and one of the few companies known for manufacturing quality headphones. In this post, we will be discussing Grado sr60e vs sr80e and if the additional $20 is worth or no.

Grado is well known in the headphone department for its minimalistic design and sound quality.

The build quality is of metal, raw music and finesse which is why these headphones are the favourites of many.

Let’s look at the differences and similarities between the two headphones to decide if the headphones are worth the upgrade.

Grado sr60e vs sr80e

Transducer TypeDynamicDynamic
Frequency Response20Hz – 20,000Hz20Hz – 20,000Hz
Operating PrincipleOpen AirOpen Air
Driver Matched DB1DB1DB
grado sr60e vs sr80e
grado sr60e vs sr80e

The Grado Sr60e is priced at $79 whereas the Grado sr80e is priced at $99. From the comparison table mentioned above, it is easy to say that they are nearly identical.

The headphones have soft ear cups with a 3.5mm cable.

Grado sr60e vs sr80e – Is there a difference?

The audio difference is slightly different in the sr80e however the same sound signature can be achieved with an Equalizer.

If you’re new to this brand and curious about the sound signature, the Grado sr60e would be ideal for you. However, if you’re an audiophile, spending the extra $20 would be worth it. If you would like to know about better headphones in the same price range, check our post on the best budget audiophile headphones.

The sound signature on these headphones is unique compared to the other open-back headphones.

The headphones appear identical except for their model name which is inserted on the ear cup.

Sound quality – Grado sr60e vs sr80e

The headphones can be labelled as a wide mid-range headphone with unique sound features.

The treble response on this headphone is bright and detailed. The highs can get a bit loud on these headphones which could lead to hearing fatigue if used for long hours.

The mid-range is forward in spite of the wide sound stage. The vocals on the headphones are smooth, clear and bright without any distortion on high volumes.

The instruments on these headphones are vivid and pleasant. If you hear classical or acoustic music then these headphones are ideal for you.

The bass response of these headphones is good which provides a natural audio experience.

The bass on these headphones sounds authentic without being too loud or causing any distortion to the mids.

These headphones can be used without an amp which is worth mentioning.

The imaging and soundstage on these headphones are decent for their price range. While this post is about Grado sr60e vs sr80e, in terms of their soundstage and imaging there wasn’t any noticeable difference.

The soundstage is one of the key selling points of these headphones because the soundstage of these headphones is wide which makes the audio experience enjoyable.

The headphones have a slight echo due to the metallic grill which provides an old school sound to it which improves the vocals, treble and mids of the audio.

The treble and the upper mids can get a bit loud during the peaks and highs in the audio.

While these headphones are good and the sound quality is premium, it would be ideal to keep these headphones as secondary headphones.


While hearing music on the Sr80e and the S60e, I found the Sr80e to sound slightly warmer compared to the sr60e.

This difference can be noticed on high volumes and this is the only difference I found while reviewing Grado sr60e vs sr80e.

If you already have the sr60e, the upgrade to sr80e doesn’t make sense since the difference is minuscule.

In terms of hearing music, these headphones should be considered as your secondary headphones since they are bright and highlight vocals.

The ideal sound experience is at 75 per cent volume. Once you go higher the sound can get irritating since it is sharp and ear piercing at times.

However, on moderate volume, hearing music on these headphones can be calming and relaxing.

These headphones can be used for gaming as well because of the wide soundstage.

Build Quality – Grado Sr60e Vs Sr80e


In this post of Grado sr60e vs sr80e, we find the build quality to be the same.

The build quality of most Grado headphones is the same. The headphones have a raw metallic finish to them which separates them from the mainstream headphones.

Most companies upgrade their build quality, appearance and design of their headphones however this does not apply to Grado.

Grado has stuck to their minimalist design for quite some time. The headband of the headphones is made of a premium bar of metal which is highly durable.

If you like retro, old school classic headphone designs then these headphones are ideal because of their retro premium finish.

The headphones are known to be delicate however while using these headphones, I found these to be durable and strong.

These headphones did not seem to be delicate headphones. While you would like to know about Grado sr60e vs sr80e, in terms of build quality both the headphones are the same.

The cables in both the headphones are not detachable which can be a let down for many users.

Features – Grado sr60e vs sr80e


While comparing Grado sr60e vs sr80e it’s safe to say there are no extra features. Honestly getting the Grado sr60e is a steal since the features for all their headphones till date is the same.

The extra 20 is not worth since at that price point there are many other headphones which offer more features and better sound quality as well.

Dont let your mind trick you thinking more money better sound. While this may hold true most of the times, in this circumstance its not the same case.

Since these headphones are open-back headphones these headphones can be worn for long hours without heating or sweating.

While comparing the Grado sr60e vs sr80e, I found the stock earpads comfortable compared to the custom ones sold by Grado.


This was an in-depth comparison between Grado sr60e vs sr80e. While there are little differences noticed between Grado sr60e vs sr80e, the Grado sr80e is still better than the sr60e.

If this is your first time with Grado and you’re buying headphones just for hearing music then the sr60e would be ideal for you.

If you’re an audiophile and you dont wish to compromise on the sound at all then the Grado sr80e would be ideal for you.

However, you can achieve the Grado sr80e sound quality with the help of an equalizer on a sr60e which is worth mentioning.

Let us know your views about Grado sr60e vs sr80e.

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