Hifiman Sundara vs HD660s

You might be confused between the two strongest choices of headphones. These headphones are under the range of $500. These headphones are amazing in terms of all aspects. Therefore, let’s move ahead and discover everything about the Hifiman Sundara vs hd660s.

The Sennheiser HD 660s is the successor of the very popular headphones, which were popularly known as HD650.

This range of headphones is now being manufactured by Drop.

No doubt, these two sets of headphones sound extremely different and have various functionalities.

We have tried our best to include all the details of the headphones in this review. Hence, you can check which of the two headphones suits your requirements, and you will be good to go with the best set.

Sennheiser HD 660 S VS Hifiman Sundara Comparison Review

This section will brief you about what materials you will be getting inside the packaging of the Sennheiser HD 660 s and the Hifiman Sundara headphones.

Sennheiser HD 660 S

Sennheiser HD 660 S


Key Highlights

  • Exceptional Sound
  • Advanced Transducers
  • Frequency Response 10 – 41,000 Hz

With these pair of headphones, you will be allotted the best removable cable.

The size of the cable stands around ¼ inches which is measured to be of 6.35 mm plug.

Along with it, you also get a removable cable with a 4.4mm flat pentagon (5 pins) plug.

You can also get 1/8 inched to ¼ inches adapter cable. The weight of these headphones weighs around 9.17 oz/260g.

Hifiman Sundara

Hifiman Sundara


Key Highlights

  • High Fidelity Design
  • Full-size Planar Magnetic
  • Wide Frequency Response

With the boxing of this package, you get a detachable cable that can be used to connect and fix them any time you want.

With these Hifiman Sundara boxing, you also get the adapter cable of the -3.5mm up to 6mm adapter. 

The weight of these headphones is around 13.12 oz/375 g. 

Build Quality Of The Headphones –  Hifiman Sundara vs hd660s

Both the headphones have a sturdy build, look and feel inside out.

Also, as the Hifiman Sundara is complete made out of metal, they are more rough and tough to handle, whereas the HD660s are made primarily out of plastic.

Hence, this is the major difference of the materials when it is coming towards the build.

Although the HD 660 s are made out of plastic, it doesn’t mean that these headphones are of bad quality.

Rather, the brand is well known to provide excellent quality plastics.

Their physical design of the headphones, as both of them come with an open back, is excellent. The Sennheiser 660 S headphones have an oval ear cup shape.

These are very comfortable to wear for longer durations as compared to the shorter ones.

Though, many people find the Sundara headphones more comfortable. The headband of the 660 s has comfy cushioning.

These are a very light and comfortable range of headphones.

Both are very light in weight. Hence, the exact difference in weight doesn’t bother much to any of the users.

Comfort – Hifiman sundara vs hd660s

Coming towards the comfort factor of the headphones, many users have picked only the Sundara because users tend to say that the Sennheiser 660 s has a stronger clamp force than the Hifiman.

Although, many users claim that comfort is not an issue with both the designs of the headphones.

As they are both available with the same concept and hence, they can be managed easily even if they wear them for a prolonged period.

The Sundara headphones unfortunately, do not have any swivel to the cups.

This makes them pretty stiff when wearing for an extended time. But now, the Sundara headphones have iteration models which come along with safety pads.

Although, the design of the Sundara headphones looks a lot cooler than the Sennheiser HD 660s.

Design Comparison – Hifiman Sundara vs hd660s

Here is one of the major reasons why these headphones sound very different from each other.

This is major because of the technical drivers installed in these headphones.

The sennehiers HD 660s has the dynamic drivers installed.

Whereas the Hifiman Sundara headphones have planar magnetic drivers.

Though both of the technologies are not up to the mark. But these have very efficient sound profiles.

This makes them sound very different from each other.

Sound Comparison – Hifiman Sundara vs hd660s

In this section, we will compare all the aspects of the sound of both popular headphones.

The Sennheiser 660s have a deep and fuller character of the sound.

These headphones’ sound quality also has airy highs and also while the Sundara is defined more for its clarity, separation, and neutral sound profile.

The sound from these is also very beautiful at all the frequencies.


The lows in the headphone 660s are a little thicker and deeper than the Hifiman Sundara headphones.

The Sennheiser headphone stands to deliver more and more texture along with higher clarity in the sound.

However, both headphones are fun to listen to in all genres.


The headphones 660s provides excellent separation of the sound. So, even if you are not a fan of the mid-tones.

You will be right after you listen to these from HD 660s. 

The Hifiman Sundara has excellent sound delivery with all the mids. Also, when it comes to sound precision, the Sundara headphones tend to win every time.


If you love to listen to the high tones of the music or all the music at the highest levels, you have to go for Sennheiser HD 660s.

These are excellent in providing higher quality separation sounds. These are also soft and do not distort the sound at any frequency.

Also, most users loved the bass, and the soundstage of the Hifiman Sundara headphones is also excellent.

Hifiman Sundara vs HD660s – Verdict

So dear readers, here are the most important parameters that you need to take care of before you invest in any of the headphones.

Also, in the given price range, these are excellent headphones that provide an excellent sound experience for all users.

Although, if you are one of those who tend to look for the clarity sound, you should go for Hifiman Sundara.

Let us know your views about the Hifiman Sundara vs HD660s review in the comment section.

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