How Do Wireless Headphones Work ?

Headphones, the modern era radio. The demand for headphones has been on the rise ever since the beginning of the 21st century.

With a rise in privacy and the growth of music across the world. Headphones have now become more of a necessity than a luxury. 

With different types of headphones now available in the market, consumers have plenty of options and are very picky of the type of headphones they purchase.

The introduction of wireless headphones has intrigued a lot of consumers who prefer its pocket size and wireless over its wired counterpart.

If you have just purchased a brand-new pair of wireless headphones and are absolutely  fascinated by it, do not worry you are not alone.

Honestly, the wireless factor makes things so much easier, workouts have become smoother and hassle free thanks to the absence of wires, lesser movement restrictions for gamers, listening to music/podcasts while travelling seems a whole lot better.

Moreover, storing the headphones back after usage is extremely easy and does not require you to keep folding the wires. 

Have you ever wondered whether the wireless headphone is a device way ahead of its time? Yes, me too, if you are curious and want to know how the wireless headphones work, I have got you covered.

How Do Wireless Headphones Work ?

There are 3 ways wireless headphones work – Bluetooth, infrared waves, and radio waves.

The most widely used nowadays is the Bluetooth, it is the medium of connectivity between both the devices- headphones and Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphone/tv/laptop etc.

In order for the Bluetooth to work successfully, the headphones must be paired/connected with a Bluetooth enabled device, this is a non-negotiable for it to work.

Bluetooth technology essentially uses radio waves to send and receive signals between both connected/paired devices.

They usually have a range of up to 30ft, this measure varies from device to device.

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Additionally, you can also connect multiple devices using Bluetooth.

With regards to music, the sound is transmitted between both devices using codecs.


Codec essentially means Coding and Decoding, it basically converts the music/sound from its digital form on the source device to an analogue version more familiar to the Bluetooth headphones.

Wireless headphones are equipped with these Codecs which convert the received signals into a desired format that can be understood by the headphones.

Codecs essentially compact the information being sent between the two devices and then uncompact it on reaching the Bluetooth.

This is the equivalent of carrying 30Kgs of luggage in 3 bags of 10Kg each rather than just one 30Kg bag, thus, lessening the burden & fastening the process.  

Wireless Headphones have made our lives extremely convenient and private, we no longer have to be constantly troubled by the wires that need to be constantly untangled, when removed.

Additionally, wireless headphones can be used even for calling and speaking, although there might be a slight lag it does the job very well.

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