How To Clean Leather Headphones

We take a bath and clean ourselves regularly, but how often do we clean our headphones? In this post, you will learn how to clean leather headphones the right way.

Usually, if you don’t clean your headphones regularly, you will notice the sound quality of the headphones degrading.

The headphones volume becomes low due to the layers of wax, grime, and dust that’s been accumulating on them.

Cleaning your headphones from time to time will provide quality sound at all times. Furthermore, it will reduce the wear and tear of the headphones.

Let’s look at how to clean leather headphones.

How To Clean Leather Headphones

  1. Take off the earpads of the headphones gently since they can tear if you are rough with them.
  2. Use alcohol wipes and wipe the earcups, headband and metal grills of the headphones.
  3. In case the metal grills and earpads are greasy, you can use cotton buds with alcohol cleaners and remove the dirt from them.
  4. After you have wiped them with alcohol wipes, you can use disinfecting wipes to clean and remove bacterias from the headphones.
  5. If your earcups are velour, you can wash them with tide pods and let them soak up. (Not recommended for leather earcups)
  6.  Once they are soaked in, rinse them with water and let them dry.

How To Clean Leather Ear Pads Of Headphones


For leather ear pads, you can clean them with alcohol wipes and then wipe them with a dry cloth.

You can use Debrox to remove any ear wax or dirt accumulated on the headphones.

In case your headphones have stains on them, you can use a nail polish remover to eliminate the stains. 

It would be advisable to avoid rubbing stains as it could spread the stained area on the headphones. 

It is ideal to use leather cleaners while cleaning your leather ear pads since water and regular cleaners will deteriorate the leather ear pads’ quality.

Once you have cleaned the leather ear pads with leather cleaners, you can add some leather conditioner to the earpads to prevent tearing up, thereby increasing the leather material’s lifespan.

After you have cleaned the headphones and the earpads, you can use a cloth to wipe all headphones and let them dry for some time.

How To Get Rid Of Sweat Stink From Headphones

You can use gel packets that absorb moisture from the headphones. Alternatively, you can invest in an extra pair of earpads so that you can rotate your earpads to eliminate sweat stink.

Once you have finished using your headphones, a good practice to follow is to take an alcohol wipe and clean the ear pads and headphones.

Wipe them with a regular cloth later and let them dry.

After using your headphones, it would be ideal to keep them open for some time to dry out.

Once you have kept them for some time, you can store them in a case or headphone stand.


This post was a tutorial on how to clean leather headphones the right way without damaging them. 

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