How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

With the advancements in technology, we have reached a point where we are spoilt for choices concerning the sheer number of options we have for any product or service. In this post, we have included a detailed guide on how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers.

The speaker market, in particular, is booming as more people prefer smaller parties at home rather than clubs filled with people, thanks to Covid-19.

Brands like Apple, Amazon, and Google have tweaked this space by introducing voice-controlled smart speakers that not only play audio but can also control other home appliances wirelessly.

Moreover, the compact size and portability of speakers make their usage extremely versatile.

Whether it is a small house party or a picnic at a nearby garden the speaker does its job.

Nowadays, most of these speakers are exceptionally durable; they are shockproof, water-resistant, and dust resistant, which makes them ideal for the outdoors.

However, most of these speakers tend to be relatively small and compact.

Therefore, not being the loudest or bass-heavy. The most obvious solution to this is to invest in a bigger set of speakers.

This might not be the most economical or wise option as these speakers cost a bomb and occupy sufficient space while being both bulky and unportable.

Therefore, to bypass this solution, we have another alternative which we will be talking about in this article.

Thanks to today’s technology, we now can connect multiple Bluetooth speakers and play audio from them simultaneously.

5 Ways To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

  • 1. Third Party Application – AmpMe
  • 2. Bose Connect
  • 3. Apple Homepod
  • 4. Samsung Inbuilt Dual Audio Setting
  • 5. Ultimate Ears Speaker

1. Using third part application – AmpMe

AmpeMe is probably your best bet. Not only can it connect multiple speakers simultaneously, but it can also connect multiple smartphones via Bluetooth.

AmpMe then lets you stream music from digital music/audio streaming services like Spotify, apple music, SoundCloud, etc.

Once installed from the play store and Appstore, one has to sign up on the app either using their email id or Facebook.

Connecting via social media platforms like Facebook helps you find whether your friends/connections also use AmpMe.

Post-registration, you can sync your digital audio streaming platform like Spotify, SoundCloud and start playing music on multiple speakers or smartphones simultaneously.

AmpMe offers a unique feature that allows multiple people to contribute to the music being played via its chat feature, where people can send song suggestions.

Additionally, the host (parent device) can also allow others to add songs to the queue via the app’s Guest as DJ feature.

Its most unique feature is that it is not brand specific and can be connected to smartphones and speakers of different brands.

2. Using Bose connect App

The Bose connect, as mentioned earlier, only works with its speakers and headphones and is not compatible with any other brand.

Once you install the App from the Playstore and app store, you have to pair your speakers or headphones.

Although, this feature is only compatible with specific Bose devices.

Therefore, this is a viable option only for Bose device owners.

3. Using the Apple Homepod

The Apple Homepod is a beautiful speaker set out by Apple; it can also act as your assistant with the help of Siri.

Using your iPhone, you can connect to two Apple HomePods simultaneously using the dual audio setting on your phone.

It is pretty straightforward and not as complicated.

All you need to do is open the Home app, followed by pressing and holding down the HomePod button.

Then click on the Settings button, after which you must click the create stereo pair followed by selecting the second speaker.

Once you have completed this, you will find two HomePod icons. Select each HomePod and amp it accordingly.

Once you have finished, click back, and boom, it’s done.

4. Using Samsungs inbuilt dual audio setting

Suppose you are a Samsung user and own a model from the galaxy S8 series or newer. In that case, you can access this feature which enables you to connect to two speakers simultaneously.

It is best to have both the speakers in 2 separate rooms to avoid the lack of sync.

This is also relatively easy to setup.

All you need to do is go to settings, connections, and Bluetooth, then click on the Advanced button and finally turn on the Dual audio button.

5. Using the ultimate ears speaker


Another brand of speaker you have probably not heard of is the Ultimate Ears.

This speaker brand comes with two standout apps that help it stand out.

They are known as the MegaBoom and Boom, helping you to connect to two of their speakers.

Moreover, you can connect up to 50 Boom speakers simultaneously using the apps PartyUp feature.

Final Thoughts On How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

In comparison to the other options, AmpMe does not lack sound quality or face any connectivity issues.

Moreover, it has the added benefit of connecting multiple smartphones simultaneously to stream music.

However, if you already own one of the branded speakers mentioned above, then, as long as it is compatible and can be allowed to sync with another speaker, it is a great option.

Therefore, it would be ideal for installing the AmpMe application.

It is excellent for a social gathering, for small house parties without speakers. Everyone could install the application and stream simultaneously, making for a great experience.

Big brands like Samsung and Apple are not as technologically advanced in this field as they probably want you to buy their other products whose primary function is to be a bigger and better speaker.

Moreover, integrating into the user interface of these brands will be much easier if you are already using their products and are highly familiar with their function.

The AmpMe third-party app is an absolute no-brainer as you do not have to be worried about your speakers or headphones being compatible.

Unlike the other brand-oriented speakers like Bose, Apple, and Samsung, they only connect to their respective brand speakers.

Let us know your thoughts on how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers in the comment section.

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