How To Increase Bass On Headphones ?

Have you ever wondered how your favourite song will sound with boosted bass ? or are you quite not satisfied with the bass on your existing headphones ? We are always looking for cheaper alternatives to upgrade our experiences.

Music is a stimulant that helps relieve anxiety, depression and contributes to a better mental health in general.

Loud, upbeat, and groovy music can help increase your blood flow and promote circulation of oxygen and in turn give your body an energy boost.

Therefore, many athletes and artists often listen to such music before their performance to give them an adrenaline rush and keep them focused.

So, today I will show you alternatives to boost bass on your headphones via 3 different mediums as listed below.

1. How To Increase Bass On Headphones For android Users

1. In order to boost bass on your android device you will require to download an application from the play store called ‘equalizer and bass booster by Cocent’. This application has a 4.4 rating reviewed by 28,507 people.

2. Once you have installed the application, plug in your headphones, and begin listening to your favourite track.

3. Then, open the application and on opening it should display a visualiser.

4. On the top left, a settings button will appear.

5. Click on this button and a bass boost shall appear on your screen. Via this, you can adjust the bass boost to your desired level.

2. How To Increase Bass On Headphones For windows

If you want to achieve this on a windows OS device, like your laptop or desktop. Follow the following steps:

  1. On the bottom right corner of your device, you will find a host of icons/signs, most notably the ENG sign right adjacent to this symbol you will come across an up arrow.
  2. On clicking this arrow, you will find the volume symbol. Right clicking on this will lead you to a screen with playback sounds and communications.
  3. Under this Playback tab there will be a highlighted box with a speaker and headphone symbol. Right click on the speaker/headphone symbol and choose properties.
  4. This will lead you to a window displaying additional 5 tabs. Here, you must click the enhancements button. On clicking this button, you will find multiple boxes of which one will be the bass boost box.
  5. Once you select this box, just click apply and ok. This should do the trick.

3. How To Increase Bass On Headphones For Mac

If you are an apple user, this gets much easier. On the Mac, using the ITunes equalizer you can adjust the sound to specific frequencies.

The detailing is excellent, you can tailor the sounds for different genres as per your liking.

There are more than 20 preset options, you could either pick from them or tailor make it to your liking.

Additionally, you can even enhance other factors like the depth, stereo, beats etc.

Bass boosting using the ITunes visualiser on an apple device makes things incredibly convenient as it is an inbuilt application and does not require installing another third-party application.

Alternatively you can also invest in a quality amp for better performance.

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