How To Make Headphones Louder

Nothing is worst than having quality headphones playing your favorite track on low volume. It gets frustrating when the volume of your headphones is not loud enough. In this post, we have listed detailed tips and tricks on how to make headphones louder.


Attention: Hearing music on loud volume can damage both your ears. In some cases, the damage can be permanent.

When your headphones are loud, you are able to hear every detail and nuance of the sound which is difficult to hear in low or medium volume settings.

In this post, we have mentioned detailed ways on how to make headphones louder on pc, Iphone, android Ps4 and Xbox One to help you experience phenomenal sound.

Whether your motive is to blast music on loud volume or hear music with little extra sound this guide will help you either way

How To Make Headphones Louder On A Pc Windows 10


Before we go into the settings, the first thing to check is the volume icon on the lower right column of your windows 10 pc. You can increase the volume from there. 

In case the volume is still low or below your expectations, you can follow the next steps.

Method 1

Step 1

First, open the start menu and type Control panel. Click on the control panel and it will show you multiple options.

Step 2

Secondly, open the “Sound” application in the control panel which will allow us to make tweaks in the sound.

Once you have clicked on the “Sound” option, you will notice a new window open. Ensure that the right device such as headphones or speakers displays as connected.

If the headphone you want to make louder is not the default option, right-click and select set default device.

Step 3


After you have done this, go to the “Communications” tab and ensure it is set to “Do Nothing”.

Method 2

Go on the Sound option in the control panel and select the device you want as your output. Once you have done that click on properties and click on the “Levels” tab.

Step 1

Ensure the volume of the device is maxed out. If it’s not at max volume, you can increase it manually.

Step 2


After you have done the above step, click on the “Default Format” and test different sound formats. Few will be able to provide audio in loud volume which should solve the problem.

Ideally, the 24-bit version should get the job done in most cases. Once you have completed this step Apply the settings and it should get the job done for most people.

Alternative Method

If both of the mentioned methods do not solve your problem it would be ideal to search troubleshoot in the startup menu. Open Troubleshoot settings and click on playing audio.

Once you do this, Windows will suggest the possible changes on how to make the sound louder on the pc.

How To Make Headphones Louder On An iPhone


If you have recently updated your software or the sound on your Iphone is low then the following steps would help you.

Step 1

Go to settings and open the music option. 

Step 2 

Once you have opened the music option, navigate to sound limit.

After you have opened the sound limit option, ensure that you turn it off since volume limits the audio due to which your headphones or earphones may sound low.


Step 3

After doing completing the steps mentioned above it your headphones and earphones should sound louder.

Additionally, you can also go to “EQ” and select “Late Night” as this sound profile makes the headphones and earphones sound louder.


Overall these steps should make your headphones or earphones sound louder. 

Alternatively, you can also try apps such as Volume Boost+, Equalizer+ and SonicMax Pro that will improve the volume of the headphones.

How To Make Headphones Louder On Android Device


On Android devices, go to the settings and look for the sound option.

Once you have navigated in the sound option you can increase the volume of the headphones and earphones.

If this doesn’t solve your problem you can try this another method which should help.

Go to settings and scroll down for the developer option. Once you are in the developer options, select “Disable Absolute Volume” 

In case your developer option is not enabled you can enable it clicking on “About Phone”.

Under About Phone click on ”Software Information” and click on “Build Number” till you get “Confirm Your Pin”. Once you confirm your pin, the developer option will be enabled.

By doing these steps, the headphones or earbuds should sound louder. In case you are using Bluetooth headphones, pair the device and complete the steps mentioned below.

Go to “Bluetooth” under “Settings” and connect the Bluetooth headphones.

Once you have connected the device,  click the 3 dots which would be on the top right section of the Bluetooth option. 

Click on the advanced option and look for enable “Media Volume Sync”

After following the steps mentioned above your headphones will sound louder. 

In addition, you can try apps such as Ultimate Volume Booster, Volume Booster and Volume Control+ which are available on the play store that will make your headphones louder.

How To Make Headphones Louder On Ps4


Hold the PlayStation menu and open the side menu. Once the “Side Menu” appears, click on the “Sound/Devices” option.

Look for “Volume Control Headphones” and increase the volume as per your preferences.

Apart from that, you can select if you want only “Chat Audio” on the headphones or “All Audio” by selecting the appropriate options.

The microphone option below allows you to adjust the volume on the microphone below.

How To Make Headphones Louder On Xbox One

Tunning volume on the Xbox one can be tricky. Ideally, you should find the audio settings under Profile and System.

Once you are under Profile and system, you should be able to “Audio” option where you can tweak the sound settings along with the microphone settings.

In case the option is not available, try using the headsets as a wired connection by using the USB connection and the “Audio” settings should appear in most cases.

Under “Headset Volume” you can adjust the sound of the headset.  The “Headset Chat” option allows you to control the volume of your friends and the volume of the game.

Overall, these functions will make your headphones louder. If you need earbuds for Xbox One, check our post on the Best Earbuds For Xbox One.


This was an in-depth post on how to make headphones louder on Pc, PS4, iPhone, Android and Xbox One. 

Let us know your views on how to make headphones louder in the comment section

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