Jaybird x4 VS Bose Soundsport

Purchasing wireless earphones for excellent quality these days is no ballgame. You have to check out for many vital parameters, quality check, and brand value before you plan to invest in good quality wireless earphones. Therefore, in this post, we have included a detailed comparison of Jaybird X4 Vs Bose Soundsport.

These are popularly named Jaybird X4 and Bose Soundsport. We will check all the details about these and have a detailed comparison right away in this post. So, let’s get started.

Many users claim that these Jaybird X4 earphones are famous for the very snug fit.

They have additional charm in their fit that wants them to stick with these wireless earphones forever.

Coming towards the other variant, both the wireless earphones are genuinely designed to wear in the gym for a more extended period.

Both of these wireless earphones are rated with IPX7 ratings.

This proves that these are updated with the latest technology factors, making these earphones worth investing in.

These wireless earphones also promise the users to provide them with excellent quality all the time. But which to pick?

We have got you covered. So, let’s move ahead. Make sure to consider all the factors without fail, before you plan to purchase any of these variants of wireless earphones.

Jaybird X4


Key Highlights

  • Waterproof
  • 8 hrs play time
  • Personalized Sound

Bose Soundsport


Key Highlights

  • NFC Pairing
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Up to 6 hours battery life

Build And Comfort Of The Jaybird X4 VS Bose Soundsport

These days, many slim and compact wireless earphones are available. Especially in this price range, you can get a mind-boggling range of earphones.

The jaybird earphones are not going to disappoint you in any terms.

These are very compact as compared to their predecessors.  These are also very light weighted and make them appear over your ears. 

The best part about the Jaybird X4 wireless earphones is that they have fins in the upper portion. Hence, the fins make the wearing of these earphones easy.

The look is also discreet and doesn’t pop out much from your ears.

Similarly, the charging box of these earphones is very sleek and compact.

These also fit into your bag. You can keep the earbuds in the pocket of your jeans. Hence, these are easily portable.

Well, the only issue with these wireless earphones is that they do not come with touch-sensitive buttons.

Now, when these wireless earphones are compared with that of the Bose sound sport, they are a lot chunkier than this. 

These are not in-ear accessories. They also tend to stick out of the ear and hence, pop out a lot.

Many users also claim that these earphones turn out to give them a very goofy look over their heads.

Anyways, the earphones never fail to provide you with an excellent fit all the time.

Also, there is no such jamming of the ears. The open design of the earphones helps you in staying up to date with your surroundings.

The Soundsport earphones also come with physical buttons for easy navigation.

Sound Performance – Jaybird X4 Vs Bose soundsport

The Bose earphones have excellent noise cancellation quality. When it comes to performance and accessories also, these earphones never tend to fail. 

The Soundsport stays true in all the forms and frequencies. These earphones deliver super clear sound with very slight thumping and pronounced bass.

Though, many users claim that the bass feels a little bloated in the bose earphones. This usually happens in the quieter surrounding.

Whereas, on the other hand, the jaybird vista packs the 6mm drivers considerably.

This helps in delivering the excellent, rich and profound quality of the sound. 

These earphones also provide deep and rich bass for a better music experience.

Hence, overall, the jaybird tends to perform better in terms of the sound with these wireless earphones.

Bluetooth Connectivity – Jaybird X4 VS Bose soundsport

With these updated wireless earphones, you get the Bluetooth 5.0 technology updated.

These have excellent connectivity and haven’t revealed any issues so far.

Although the Jaybird products tend t have many connectivity issues, this time with these Jaybird x4 earphones, there are no such issues detected.

It seems that the company has worked on these issues efficiently so far. 

You can easily find a consistent audio connection with a very minimum drop.

Moreover, you also get a JBS1 chipset. The chipset ensures that there is no such ligand latency. Also, you get to pair your devices faster than before.

A major point that you need to note here is that the Jaybird x4 and Bose sound sport are both wireless earphones and tend to lack the premium quality Bluetooth codec.

As there have been known issues for lags and delays. Also, the jaybird vista is a TWS earphone which means that you can only use one earbud.

Opposed to it, the bose soundpost free has some known connections. Many users have complained about the latency issues.

While some have complained about watching videos, other than that, different responses are good for earbuds.

Battery Life And Charging

When considering the battery life of the Bose Soundsport wireless earphones, you get good 5 hours of consistent power output without any break.

Even if you listen to the music at full volume hence, the bottom line can be considered that these earphones can be used moderately and efficiently.

Now, when we talk about the battery life of the vista earphones, these bring the incredible battery life of the great 6 hours on the table.

Hence, you can easily manage them with excellent power output. Another great advantage of the jaybird earphones is that they come with quick charging.

The earphones get charged within a matter of an hour.

Verdict – Jaybird X4 Vs Bose Soundsport

Here are the most important parameters you need to consider while purchasing the best Jaybird X4 and Bose sound sport earphones.

Make sure to consider each of the parameters before you purchase. Also, at this price range, these are worth buying.

Hence, the best wireless earphones for the gym.

Let us know your views about the Jaybird X4 Vs Bose Soundsport comparison in the comment section.

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