Kef Q100 Review

If you are considering buying this speaker or on the fence, this Kef Q100 review will help you make the right purchase decision. After using and testing this speaker, we decided to include an in-depth Kef Q100 review.

The Kef Q100 speakers are among the best bookshelf speakers we have come across while reviewing multiple speakers because of their unique singular design.

These speakers come in Satin black, white, and walnut colours. However, the walnut colour has been the best selling colour since it has an elegant finish.

Kef Q100 Features

Kef Q100


Key Highlights

  • Uni-Q driver
  • CFD Designed Port
  • Q Series Optimised

The Kef Q100 speaker comes with a coaxial design which means it has a precise mechanism, unlike other speakers where tweeters and woofer are separated.

The singular design reduces resonance within the enclosure and eliminates the possibility of standing waves to provide a premium hearing experience.

This singular design is something unique that Kef Q100 offers, making it stand out from its competitors.

The speaker’s woofer is 5 and a quarter inch whereas the tweeter is one inch with the Uni-Q array.

The waveguides for the speaker are fantastic and the box of the speaker looks premium.

The Kef Q100 speakers are not powerful and would need an external amp for the best sound experience.

The speaker has a sensitivity level of 86 decibels and is 8 Ohms which provides phenomenal output.

Sound Quality

The Kef Q100 is phenomenal for vocals because of its imaging, texture, and details for the vocals.

The treble of the speakers is crisp, clean, and accurate without being too aggressive on the high notes.

The mid-range of the Kef Q100 is accurate with clean vocals and instruments.

The vocals on these speakers sound tremendously good for female and male vocals. Moreover, any genre which is more vocal-focused sounds great on these speakers.

The bass on these speakers is clear, tight without being too loud.

Additionally, the bass is well present on these speakers; however, it is not the main element of the speaker.

In case you like music that is more bass-focused, it would be advisable to add a subwoofer with this speaker as it would provide those strong low-end effects.

The Kef Q100 can be used as a home theater speaker since they provide excellent sound effects while watching movies.

If you plan on using the Kef Q100 speakers in a bigger room, an additional subwoofer should get the job done.

However, note that when you add a subwoofer with this speaker, the sound could get loud, which might cause trouble to your neighbors.

The imaging on these speakers is stunning without being too wide or narrow.

However, to get the best imaging from these speakers, it would be ideal for experimenting a bit with the placement of the speakers.

The soundstage on Kef Q100 speakers is wide, which provides a good hearing experience.


  • Good build quality
  • Vocal performance
  • Bi-wire synchronization


  • Amp needed

The Kef Q100 speaker’s signature design fixes the tweeter in the midrange cone’s acoustic center, which results in better overall sound quality.

This results in detailed sound with a three-dimensional sound image dispersed evenly throughout the room, which is not possible with conventional speakers.

Moreover, the speaker’s premium build quality complements most home decor, which is an added benefit.


The damped tweeter loading tube delivers a gentle termination of sound produced from the back of the speaker, provides cleaner bass, low distortion, and improves the treble performance.

Moreover, the ports’ construction has been designed to reduce turbulence at high levels, which results in less LF compression and port noise.

Overall, we found the Kef Q100 speakers to be ideal for small to midsize rooms in terms of sound performance.

Is The Kef Q100 Speaker Worth it ?

The Kef Q100 speakers are absolutely worth the price in terms of the sound quality they offer. 

This post is a Kef Q100 review after testing it for several months. Let us know your views about the Kef Q100 speakers in the comment section.

These speakers are usually sold out on Amazon and Best buy because of their popularity.

So the next time you see one, ensure you get yours before they go out of stock.

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Are Kef Speakers Good ?

Kef is a British company which has been a leading company in the sound department since 1961. The term Kef stands for Kent Engineering & Foundry. They manufacture some of the best speakers and most of their speakers have good reviews.

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