Klipsch R-1650-W Review

If you are looking for a speaker with perfect reliability and excellent sound delivery, you don’t have to go anywhere and only have to invest in the fantastic Klipsch r-1650-w. In this post, we have included a detailed Klipsch R-1650-W review.

These are fantastic wall speakers designed with the latest technology. The speaker range tends to provide acoustic and tonal performance in both commercial and residential environments.

The best part of these speakers is that you do not have to compromise with your floor space at all. Instead, you can enjoy the music to the fullest by sparing it.

The exclusive speakers Klipsch r -1650-w features the 6-1/2 inches polypropylene woofer for excellent mids and bass along with varied frequencies. These also have a 1-inch dome tweeter for clear highs.

You can easily mount the Klipsch R- 1650-W in any existing or new wall.

The speakers can be easily secured with the proper fitting standards. In simple words, you can easily install these speakers anywhere you want.

Hence, which is not the best option for conventional speakers, the best locations for these speakers according to the experts are the kitchen, dining room, and bedroom.

The Klipsch R- 1650-W speakers beautifully match with other Klipsch speakers and serve like the best home theatres system.

The moisture resistance of the speaker delivers more flexibility due to which the R-1650-w can even be used in the bathrooms.

To make it perfectly match your house decor, you can easily paint the grille according to your color.

Arent these features perfect of the Klipsch R-1650-W.

Key Specs of the Klipsch R- 1650-W

Klipsch R- 1650-W


Key Highlights

  • 6.5 inch Polymer Woofer
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Good sensitivity and power handling

Klipsch R- 1650-W
General SpecsSpeaker system type- speaker
Design features- Paintable
Manufacturer- Klipsch
Speaker systemSeries- Architectural
Amplification type- Passive
Crossover channel Qty- 2-way
Nominal Output Power- 35 watt
Max (RMS) Output Power- 140 watt
Frequency Response- 53Hz-20000Hz
Nominal impedance- 8 ohm
Recommended amplifier power- 70 watt
Sensitivity- 88dB
Connectivity technology- Wired
Recommended placing- In-wall mounted
Audio systemType- Speaker
Brand- Klipsch
Product line- Klipsch
Model- R-1650-W
MiscellaneousDesign features- paintable
Speaker system detailsNominal (RMS) output power- 35 watts
Recommended placing- in wall mounted

Product Description: Klipsch R-1650-W

Klipsch R-1650-W


Key Highlights

  • Nominal impedance- 8 ohm
  • Frequency Response- 53Hz-20000Hz
  • Max (RMS) Output Power- 140 watt

The Klipsch in-wall speakers with the model R-1650-W come with a 6.5 inches polymer cone woofer and a large motor structure for high sensitivity and strong bass output.

Along with it, a one-inch polymer dome provides smooth and covers the broader range area for sound delivery.

The speakers are popularly known for the excellent sensitivity and power handling, paintable to match any wall, and packaged individually.

Also, the Klipsch R- 1650-W will fit into the latest IK-650 installation kit.

The installation kit can also be used in conjunction with the ME-650fire rated enclosure.

The speaker’s mounting system makes installation a super breeze whereas, its paintable grille offers higher rust protection to the entire mounting of the speaker system.

Sound Quality Klipsch R-1650-W

This wall series of the speaker provides the users with excellent sound. These are perfect for any room and area in your house.

The Klipsch company also tends t use horn-loaded technology so that the sound doesn’t produce higher distortion events at the higher frequencies.

Many users have the product to be worth in this price range.

Though many other competitors are available, the features provided by the Klipsch in-wall series are not found in any other speakers easily.

Pros Of The KLIPSCH- R-1650-W In Wall Speakers

Clean Look

These speakers get mounted on the wall. This tends to give your living space a sleek look.

These speakers don’t ruin the decor at any cost. Hence they seem perfect for the house.

The custom paint matching is the best additional feature to the speakers.

Eliminate A Wall Reflection

These freestanding speakers tend to interact with the floor ceiling, the wall next to the wall in which the speaker is mounted, and the wall behind it.

This gives excellent sound impact and delivery with a more precise and neat sound.

The reflection with the lower frequencies of around 360 degrees radiating patterns tends to cause the peaks and cancellations that make the bass lower-midrange response uneven.

Gaining Of More Bass

When you mount these speakers in the wall, they tend to gain more bass.

The gain in the bass frequencies will increase by 6 DB, and that’s a significant gain with the in-wall speakers.

With almost every receiver these days, which employs the auto-EQ, those frequencies get boosted by the boundary effect can be easily pulled down, so the response desired is flat.

Usage With Accoustic Transparent Screens

The increasing popularity of the acoustically transparent screen
allows the more extraordinary ability for the right-center and channel positioning in a theatre.

The in-walls speakers tend to serve the best for these purposes.

These are always the better solutions for a non acoustically transparent screen with a horizontal center channel speaker beneath it.

Surround Speakers

The excellent in-wall speakers are best suited for the surround speakers.

If the speakers are flanking, the seating area of a theatre can be moved off the floor into walls.

The possibility of the wine-induced mishap is greatly reduced in these speakers.

Turning out to be the best klipsch R- 1650-W munted speakers.

Cons Of KLIPSCH- R-1650-W In Wall Speakers

Harder To Upgrade And Relocate

The only disadvantage of these speaker ranges of the Klipsch – R- 1650 W speakers is that these are difficult to relocate once they get fixed at one position.

As then, you have to remove the installation kit and get started again.

Therefore, make sure to consider this while purchasing the speaker.

Klipsch R-1650-W Review – Is It Worth Buying In 2021 ?

This post is an in-depth Klipsch R-1650-W Review. We found the Klipsch R-1650-W speakers to be worth the dollars because of their sound quality.

Let us know your views about the Klipsch R-1650-W Review in the comment section.

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