Klipsch RSB-3 Review

The Klipsch reference RSB-3 delivers excellent sound at an affordable price. The only thing is that this soundbar has a lighter bass department. In this post, we have included the Klipsch RSB-3 Review.

Although, this entirely depends on your music taste. If you like the soundbar’s bass a little lighter, you are good to go with these Klipsch reference RSB-3 soundbars.

The Klipsch reference RSB- 3 are the entry-level sound soundbars. The pricing of the speaker stands to be around $299. At this money price, these are excellent soundbars.

There are no external satellites or sub-woofers in these Klipsch RSB-3 soundbars.

Instead, everything you need aside from the remote and cables is already equipped in these soundbars.

The soundbar also can play and stream music from Bluetooth as it is armed with the typical array of digital and analogue audio inputs.

Klipsch RSB-3 Review


Key Highlights

  • Dolby audio decoder
  • Virtual surround mode
  • True 2-way bi-amplified sound

The Klipsch RSB-3 also doesn’t cut any corners in the audio performance.

Hence, the sound delivery from these soundbars is perfectly crips with clear audio. However, bass lovers may found the bass lighter on the other hand.

Especially if you usually like some sub-woofer that rumbles during the movies.

The all-in-one audio solution, none other than Klipsch RSB- 3, can connect to your TV within minutes of unboxing.

These sleek versions of the soundbars have the best functions and potential to convert your TV into a fantastic home theatre system.

Design And Build Of The KLIPSCH RSB-3



Key Highlights

  • Integrated subwoofer
  • Rubber feet & keyhole mounts
  • Bluetooth wireless technology ready

These are one of the soundbars with super sleek designs. The soundbars measure only around 2 inches tall.

The soundbars Klipsch RSB-3 are designed to fit below your TV regardless of the wall mounting or the tabletop usage.

The newest flat-panel televisions can do wonders for videos with stunning sound quality and superior user experience.

The precise measurement of the speaker stands around to be 2.6 by 36.0 by 4.0 inches.

The estimated weight of the soundbar is around 7 pounds. Well, we can say that these Klipsch RSB-3 soundbars are pretty typical in terms of their design.

The extended frame of the speaker projects the audio through the metallic grille. This covers the front and top of the speaker.

The side ports allow the air to escape for more efficient driver movement. Along with increasing efficiency, it also helps in delivering neater and cleaner sound.

Coming towards the internal build of the soundbars, the reference RSB-3 employs the dual 0.75 inches tweeters and the dual 2.5-inch woofers for a trustworthy and honest stereo sound.

This delivers a total of 56-watt power. The soundbars also have rubber feet to keep the position of the soundbars and the body intact.

Although, these soundbars can also be mounted on the wall easily.

The Klipsch brand will also provide you with the template to easily ensure how these can be placed in the proper spots on your wall to fit into the keyholes on the back panel.

The front face f the sounder controls the house controls like mute, Bluetooth pairing, sound source, volume, and a screen with LED for various other sound modes.

The rear panel houses connections for the included power cable as well as for the optical input.

An HDMI, a 3.5mm jack can be used for the headphones and the analogue outputs.

The included remote control that you get with these soundbars is light, small, and made of plastic, and the perfect tiny to manage the functions and customizations while you enjoy your snacks while sitting on the sofa.

There are buttons for mute, volume low, and high frequency as well.

Performance Of The Sleek KLIPSCH RSB-3 soundbar

In the testing lab, we have found the sound to be awe-inspiring from these soundbars.

Though there might not be a sub-woofer like a bass response, the music and sound don’t seem very thin.

It is still loud and bold, even with low and lighter bass. Also, there is a definite heft of the explosions.

The essential thing due to which the audio gets highly affected is the virtual surround bottom.

The soundbars also offer a wide stereo image that maintains not fooling anyone that you have Klipsch soundbars.

Hence, with these effects, the speaker’s des sound like the mono speaker.

While enabling these, it also gives the audio a much wider and spacious sound without adding in the apparent reverb and echoes that make the sound cheesy and fakey.

Sound Quality Of The KLIPSCH RSB-3 Soundbar

Instead, the sound quality is evident. In many scenarios, soundbars were also found to be delivering great thunder noises.

But people who love higher bass might feel disappointed by the lower sounds.  You can also switch to Bluetooth music streaming for excellent sound delivery.

In terms of the deep bass audio, a little distortion was noticed in the sound.

As these are typical soundbars that lack sub-woofers. But most f the sound-bars use digital signal processing to void such pitfalls.

The high mids and highs are absolutely crisp and well defined. This tends to be the bright delivery from the soundbars.

With some richness in the sound, you will also be delivered with sweet mids and lows.

The perfect combination of the sounds delivery takes the complete concentration of the users.

As a result, it delivers crisp audio from the complete range of the Klipsch audio soundbars.

Klipsch RSB-3 Review – Is It Worth Buying in 2021?

At the price of $300, the Klipsch reference RSB-3 delivers solid audio.

There will be many users, though, who will miss on the deep bass as the music lovers try to get the most of the sounds as the bass amazingly hits them.

Though the significance of the sound is not at all thin, still, the depth is missing considerably. The fact that the Klipsch RSB-3 is not at all disappointing.

It is just that it doesn’t stand away more than the other soundbars in this range.

The non-adjustable EQ will also disappoint some users. Still, the delivery of excellent sound at all the frequencies is good to go with.

Let us know your views about the Klipsch RSB-3 Review in the comment section.

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