On Ear Vs Over Ear

With the advancement and development of headphones, there are numerous options available. In this post, we have listed the difference between on ear vs over ear.

Due to the different options available, it can difficult for many people to decide which would be the best option for them. 

Before you invest in good headphones, this post will help you decide the difference between headphones.

Furthermore, it will help you choose the right headphones as per your needs and preferences.

Let’s look at the difference between in ear, on ear vs over ear headphones.

On Ear Or Supra Aural headphones

Fit: On ear headphones have small earcups that compress the ear. The diameter that covers the ear is small compared to over ear headphones. 

Since on ear headphones compress your ears, it can be uncomfortable to wear these headphones for long hours.

Noise cancellation: On ear headphones rest on the ear, due to which they can fall off easily. 

Hence noise cancellation on these headphones is low compared to in ear and over headphones.

Call Quality: Call quality on on-ear headphones are average. In most cases, on ear headphones do not include a mic.

However, if they come with active noise cancellation and CVC noise cancellation, the call quality is decent.

Portability: On ear headphones are foldable due to which it is easy to carry these headphones with you everywhere you go.

It will be ideal for getting a good travel case if you wish to carry your headphones everywhere.

Sound Quality: Sound quality on these headphones are average compared to the over ear and in ear headphones. 

Additionally, they do leak sound heavy due to which you should avoid wearing these headphones in quiet environments such as library centers and so on.

On ear headphones have significant sound drivers due to which the sound produced is better.

Price: On ear headphones are comparatively cheaper compared to over ear headphones.

If you hear music some times, then these on ear headphones should be ideal for you.

Over Ear Headphones

Fit: The fit of over ear headphones cover your ears and they have big earcups. Since they cover the ears, they can be worn for long hours comfortably.

Since the over ear headphones cover the ears, they provide the best sound experience.

Sound Quality: The bass response on over ear headphones is phenomenal and they have the widest soundstage compared to the others.

Most over ear headphones need an amp. However, the noise cancellation on these headphones is better compared to the others.

Sound leaks on these headphones are low compared to in ear and on ear headphones.

Call Quality: Call quality on over ear headphones are good. Most of these headphones come with Cvc technology that facilitates clear calls.

Some over ear headphones provide active noise cancellation and CVC noise cancellation, which offers the best call experience.

Portability: Over ear headphones are not portable since they are bulky and oversized compared to on ear headphones. 

Some over-ear headphones can be bulky because of their build quality and large earcups, but they are incredibly comfortable.

Price: Over ear headphones are generally expensive than in ear and on ear headphones because they provide better sound and build quality.

Noise Cancellation: Over ear headphones provide a better noise cancellation experience than the on ear headphones because they cover the ears, thereby blocking background noise.

If you plan on editing or monitoring sound, then these over-ear headphones should be your ideal preference.

In Ear Headphones

In ear headphones, go inside your ears due to which they provide a secure fit and good noise isolation.

Fit: In ear headphones should not be used for long since they are close to the ear canal, damaging the ears if used for long hours on loud volume.

However, these headphones are lightweight due to which you can wear these comfortably.

Sound Quality: Since these headphones are closest to the ear canal, they provide the best bass experience. 

The audio drivers on these headphones are small. However, due to the seal formed because of the silicone tip, premium sound quality can be achieved with these headphones.

Call Quality: Call quality on in ear headphones are good and most of them come with CVC noise cancellation, which blocks background noise to provides clear communication.

This technology can help in providing clear calls even in loud environments.

Portability: In ear headphones can be used for everyday music hearing and attending calls since they are compact and easy to carry everywhere.

If you plan on buy headphones for working out, outdoor activities or jogging, then these in ear headphones should be your ideal choice.

They are lightweight and come in wireless variants as well, which makes them ideal for outdoor wearing.

Noise Cancellation: The sound isolation can depend upon the silicon tip used. However, in terms of noise isolation, the in ear headphones provide the best fit.

Noise cancellation on in ear headphones is good and better than on ear headphones. 

Price: The price of in ear headphones can go from cost-effective to expensive. It all comes down to the features and technology included in them.


This post was an in-depth review about on ear vs over ear and in ear headphones.

We have included the difference between all these headphones in this post. You can decide which type of headphone you prefer depending upon your needs and requirements.

Let us know your views about ear vs over headphones in the comment section.

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