Polk Audio Tsi200 Review

Looking to buy the Polk Audio Tsi200? In this post, we have included the Polk Audio Tsi200 review to help you make the right purchase decision.

Polk Audio Tsi200 is the midrange lineup from Polk, which provides phenomenal sound. This speaker was initially launched in 2005.

But is this bookshelf speaker still worth it in 2021? Keep reading to find out.

Polk Audio Tsi200 Features

Polk Audio Tsi200


Key Highlights

  • Value For Money
  • High quality sound
  • Premium build quality

The Polk Audio Tsi200 speakers are affordable yet high quality, making them stand out from their competitors.

Moreover, they are equipped with a 1-inch silk/polymer composite dynamic balance dome tweeter which provides punchy high-quality sound.

The frequency response of the speaker is 43Hz 25kHz, and the speaker has a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

The two 5.25 inch diameter bi-laminate organic fiber cone woofers provide deep low-end bass without any distortion.

The Polk Audio Tsi200 bookshelf speaker can easily fill small to mid-size rooms, making these speakers ideal for most consumers.

Polk Audio Tsi200 Sound Quality

The bass on these speakers is punchy and loud without overpowering the vocals.

The mids on these speakers are detailed and accurate. Vocals sound impressive on these speakers.

We found the sound to be clean on the high notes without any distortion on the high notes, which is stunning.

The dual 5.25-inch mid-bass provides punchy, rich sound making these speakers ideal for watching movies, hearing music, and playing games.

The Polk Audio speakers have an elegant attractive look which makes it complement most home decors.

The Polk Audio TSI200 speakers would need an external amplifier or receiver for the best audio performance.

Overall, the sound quality was top-notch with a decent sound stage, and imaging was evident.

These Polk Audio TSI200 speakers are ideal for anyone who wants high-quality sound without spending much.


  • Value For Money
  • High quality sound
  • Premium build quality
  • Can be paired with other Polk Speakers


  • External amp needed for best performance

Polk Audio Tsi200 Build Quality

The speakers’ cabinets included washed-wood black MDF, and the top of the speakers have a sheen finish.

The Polk Audio TSI200 speakers weigh 17 pounds which makes these speakers a bit heavy.

However, the speakers are heavy due to the additional drivers added to the speakers.

The speakers are available in black and cherry brown. However, the cherry brown colour is mostly sold out because of its attractive appearance.

The Polk Audio speakers are not home theater sound systems; however, they provide high-quality sound at a reasonable price, which is why they are one of the best budget bookshelf speakers.

Polk Audio Tsi200 Review – Is It Worth The Dollars

The Polk Audio Tsi200 is worth the dollars in terms of the sound it provides. However, it comes down to your requirements that make this speaker worth it or not.

If you plan on buying the Polk Audio Tsi200 speakers for home theater sound, then you would be disappointed.

Home theater systems come with surround sound, Dolby Atmos, and other features.

However, if you want speakers to enjoy music, watch movies and play games without spending much, then these speakers are ideal for you.

The speakers provide high-quality audio; however, it is ideal for small to mid-sized rooms.

Let us know your views about the Polk Audio Tsi200 review in the comment section.

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