Polk Audio TSi300 Review

Are you planning to buy the Polk Audio TSi300 speakers? In this post, we have included the Polk Audio TSi300 review, which will help you make the right purchase decision.

The Polk Audio TSi300 is part of Polk’s TSi series and remains one of the best-selling floor standing speakers.

Are the Polk Audio TSi300 speakers worth considering in 2021?

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Polk Audio TSi300 Build Quality

Polk Audio TSi300


Key Highlights

  • Value for money
  • Premium sound quality
  • Frequency response 44Hz – 24 kHz

The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers include a chambered damped enclosure which depends on the bass response and adds overall warmth to the existing sound signature.

The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers come with two 5.25 inch drivers, which provide high-quality sound.

The TSi300 speakers include an extensively braced solid MDF with ¾ inch baffles to eliminate internal resonances.

Moreover, the solid MDF provides transparent sound and damps energy, stealing vibrations to provide a better hearing experience.

The beautiful pewter has a high gloss piano finish black top plate, and the speakers are available in black and cherry wood grain finish which complements most home decors.

The Polk’s proprietary Dynamic balance technology facilitates engineers to eliminate system resonances and distortion-causing drivers.

The vinyl finish of the speaker makes it highly attractive and ideal for most home decors.

The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers are ideal for users who want a high-quality home theater sound experience at affordable prices.

The TSi300 speakers have removable grilles, due to which you can clean the speakers easily.

Polk Audio TSi300 Key Features & Specs


The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers have Klippel motor optimization, which uses laser measurement technology to provide a smooth excursion path at both ends of the volume spectrum.

The Klippel motor optimization provides consistent performance at both low and high volumes without any distortion.

The TSi design of the speakers combines narrow baffle geometry and small drivers for a wide and spacious soundstage to provide a better hearing experience.

The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers, unlike horns or metal dome tweeters, provide detailed and accurate highs even at max volume without any hearing fatigue.

The TSi300 speakers have a durable design, and it is tuned with Dynamic Balance process TSi series polycarbonate cones to deliver smooth, realistic sound.

The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers have a flared port venting system which minimizes chuffing.

Polk Audio TSi300 Sound Quality


The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers deliver an accurate and clean sound which enhances the overall hearing experience.

The bass of the TSi300 speakers is punchy and loud without overpowering the mids or highs.

The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers’ highs are clean and detailed without causing any hearing fatigue even on max volume.

Compared to other floor standing speakers, the woofer cone size is small.

However, it still provides good bass, detailed mids, and clean highs, which provides an enhanced hearing experience.

The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers are ideal for watching movies, playing games and hearing music since it provides high-quality sound across frequencies.

The soundstage of the speakers is wide, and imaging on these speakers is evident.

The TSi300 speakers have an 8-ohm impedance and a sensitivity of 90Db.

The Polk Audio TSi 300 speakers sound phenomenally good with quality power sources.

The TSi300 speakers shine on the midrange and highs with some detailed, sparkle, and crisp sound.

The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers can be paired with the PSW10 subwoofer if you want a better bass experience.

However, most users may not need an external subwoofer since the floor-standing speakers provide a good punch.


  • Value for money
  • 90 Db sensitivity level
  • Premium sound quality
  • 8 Ohms Nominal Impedance
  • Frequency response 44Hz – 24 kHz
  • Power handling capacity of 20-200W


  • The speakers are heavyweight

Polk Audio TSi300 – Are The Speakers Worth It

The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers come with fantastic sound quality at affordable prices. 

Floorstanding speakers remain one of the best-selling home entertainment setups because of their quality sound.

The Polk Audio TSi300 speakers have a premium build quality which makes them worth considering.

Overall, we found the sound quality to be punchy, loud, and detailed.

If you hear bass-oriented music, you can get an external sub-woofer to provide a better low-end response.

The Polk TSi300 speakers can easily fill small, mid-sized, and large rooms because of their powerful sound drivers.

The Polk Audio TSi 300 speakers are highly versatile and can be paired with other speakers if you plan on building a custom home theater setup.

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