Polk Audio TSi400 Review

The company is popularly known for providing users with an excellent blend of quality and affordability, which is rare to find these days, especially when it comes to speakers. In this post, we have included the Polk Audio TSi400 review.

Therefore, if you are looking out for speakers or an excellent stereo system for your home, you have to try this fantastic speaker series- Polk Audio TSI400.

These speakers are two-way systems of bass-reflex type.

In these floor speakers, the port is located on the lower wall of the body.

Along with it, the system comprises of the the frequency emitters, which have diffusers of around 130-135 mm.

These diffusers tend to take the entire width of the front panel and also reduces the diffraction.

If you have a tight budget and still do not want to compromise on quality, you don’t have to compromise while purchasing your favorite speakers as the Polk Audio TSi400 series offers you high-end features.

Polk Audio Tsi400 Build Quality

Polk Audio Tsi400


Key Highlights

  • Premium sound quality
  • Dynamic Balance dome tweeter
  • Frequency response: 34 25KHz

As the price range of the Polk Audio Tsi400 speakers is super affordable, the enclosures of these floor-constructed speakers are constructed of extensively braced solid MDF along with three-quarter-inch baffles.

This feature is not very similar to the floor standing features available in the market within this price range.

The speakers’ complete braced construction virtually tends to eliminate the internal resonances and the other damp energy stealing vibrations.

Hence, as a result, the constructions help the speaker in performing more efficiently and with more transparent sound.

The patent dynamic balance technology is used in the Tsi400 range of speakers.

The technology has allowed the engineers to fashion out all the distortions and the other unwanted system resonances that cause disturbances.

As a result, the technology provides the users only with cheerful and pleasing sounds.

This is an excellent piece of the speaker to enhance the decor of your house.

Depending on your house’s interior and color scheme, you can go with any color and texture like a blacktop plate or a stylish jet black of your choice, along with cherry wood grain texture.

The beautiful Tsi400 series speaker has excellent pewter accents, which makes it look more attractive.

Polk Audio TSi400 Features & Specs


To ensure the uniform volume spectrum at both the ends of low and high volumes, the Klippel motor optimizations use laser measurement technology.

This technology also confirms whether the excursion path is entirely smooth at both ends of the volume ranges.

The Klipper motor technology is one of the best features of the Tsi400, which ensures high-quality sound delivery.

Usually, when the speakers are turned at a high volume, they tend to deliver fatigue sound as they are mounted with the materials like horns and metal domes.

In Tsi400 speaker ranges, the silk dome tweeters are mounted, delivering clear, transparent, and detailed highs without any fatigue.

This eventually ensures the excellent quality of sound even at higher volume ranges, making it enjoyable and fun rather than making the sound irritating.

The fantastic and affordable range of speakers combines the smaller drivers to access more driver areas with less driver mass.

The combination and blending are usually done with narrow baffle geometry for a broader range and spacious and precise sound delivery.

Hence, the geometry of the speaker ensures that every seat and every corner of the house hears a prime performance from the Polk Audio Tsi 400 speakers.

The crossovers of the speakers are also assembled from qualitative components.

Polk Audio TSi400 Sound Quality


The undebatable and balanced delivery of sound by these speakers make them a clear and outstanding choice for any purpose.

With the dynamic balance structure, sound, and components, the speakers are highly durable and efficient.

They have a very long-lasting life. The series also offers polymers that produce smooth, natural, and distortion-free sound.

These are also the best range of speakers for music lovers who are highly interested in critical listening. As it allows them to consider even very minute details of the sound.

Unlike other speakers with a very shallow bass, the Polk Audio Tsi 400 speaker range comes with great deep bass.

The deep bass response has been provided due to the critically tuned flared port venting system. This helps in minimizing unwanted sound.

It also smoothens the turbulence of the port airflow that mixies with all the components of the tsi400 speakers effortlessly.

Hence, the Polk Audio TSi400 loudspeakers are designed smartly by making them timber matched within their existing series.

This is executed to achieve the seamless speaker’s seamless texture to speaker blending effects present in multi-channel systems.

The speaker series also consists of high-performance crossover systems.

The Crossover system boosts the performance with premium components and mylar bass capacitors.

Moreover, the crossover system extends the response delivered even in the higher frequencies from the speaker.


  • Thick MDF plates
  • Klippel motor optimizations
  • Frequency response: 34 25KHz
  • Dynamic balance technology
  • Versatile high performance speaker


  • External amp needed

Polk Audio TSi400 Review – Is It Worth Buying In 2021 ?

So here is the outline of the essential features of the Polk Audio Tsi 400 speaker series.

If you haven’t planned yet to buy this fantastic and classic speaker, then go and add them to your cart.

Enhance your decor with a stunning, stylish speaker, and enjoy the high-quality sound too.

The speaker has a highly modest amplifier and a receiver that enhances the sound delivery depending on the warm tone and louder tones.

They also have dual binding posts in terms of the bi-amp and bi-wire to deliver high-performance audio. A must-try if you are a music lover.

Let us know your views about the Polk Audio TSi400 review in the comment section.

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