Polk Audio TSi500 Review

Are you planning to buy the Polk Audio TSI500? In this post, we aim to help to make the right purchase decision with an in-depth Polk Audio TSi500 Review.

Polk Audio has been one of the leading players in the sound department because of its premium sound products.

The company has remained relevant and in business from 1972 till date because of its quality sound and continuous innovation in the sound department.

The Polk Audio TSI500 floor standing speakers were initially released in 2005. 

Do they still remain relevant in 2021? Keep reading to know whether the Polk Audio TSI500 is something you should consider in 2021.

Floor standing speakers usually are higher priced however the sound quality they provide is phenomenal in most cases.

Floor standing speakers still remain the best selling speakers for home entertainment because they provide a premium sound experience.

Polk Audio TSi500 Features

Polk Audio TSi500


Key Highlights

  • Value for money
  • Room filling sound
  • Can work as single speaker

The Polk Audio TSI500 speakers are versatile, high-performance speakers which can easily fill small and mid-sized rooms.

The TSI500 speakers have a wide frequency response of 28Hz 25kHz, which is decent.

The Polk TSI500 speakers are equipped with a 1-inch polymer composite dynamic balance dome tweeter, which provides loud and booming sound.

The speakers include a 6.5-inch diameter bi-laminate organic fiber cone woofers, which provides a better overall hearing experience.

The Polk Audio TSI500 speakers are the flagship of the TSI series, one of Polk’s best selling models.

If you plan on using these speakers for your home theater, you can pair these speakers with a TSI200 for the surround speakers,  CS20 centers for the center and a PSW series subwoofer to get the best cinematic sound experience at home.

The Polk Audio TSi500 is ideal for home entertainment since the sound effects of movies sound fantastic on these speakers.

The TSi500 speakers can be used as main speakers or front channels in a home theater, making them highly versatile.

The Polk Audio TSi500 speaker provides high-quality sound at affordable prices, so the TSI500 still remains one of the best selling budget bookshelf speakers.

Polk Audio TSI500 Build Quality


The TSi500 has wood grain finishes, pewter trim rings, and piano black top plates, making this speaker appear highly attractive.

The Polk Audio TSI500 speakers are available in black and cherry finish colours. 

However, cherry finish colour seems to be the best selling colour since it complements most home decors and has a glossy finish.

Polk Audio TSI500 Sound Quality


The TSI 500 speakers provide a natural sound with well-defined bass. If you like heavy bass music, it would be ideal for including an external subwoofer.

The mid-range is smooth with crisp and detailed audio, which is impressive. The highs on these speakers are clean without any distortion.

Overall, the highs, mids and lows are well balanced, which provides the best hearing experience.

The Polk Audio TSI500 speakers deliver room-filling sound, and most users won’t need an additional subwoofer.

The bass response is tight, punchy and well balanced.

The speakers have a wide soundstage, and imaging on these speakers is well evident.


  • Balanced sound
  • Value for money
  • Room filling sound
  • Elegant appearance
  • Premium build quality
  • Can work as single speaker


  • Subwoofer might be needed for some users

Polk Audio TSI500 Review – Is The Worth Buying In 2021

The Polk Audio TSI500 speakers are worth the dollars because of their premium sound quality at affordable prices.

Moreover, the speakers are highly versatile, due to which you can use them as a home theater setup or as individual speakers.

The TSI500 speakers can easily fill small, mid-size and even large rooms since these speakers are big in size.

Pair these speakers up with a good subwoofer, and you will be able to experience those deep lows while watching movies.

To sum it up, the speakers are worth the buck in terms of what they offer.

Let us know your views about the Polk Audio TSI500 speakers in the comment section.

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