Polk Signature Series S15 Bookshelf Speaker Review

Wondering whether you should buy the Polk Audio S15 speakers? Polk Audio is known for its high-quality speakers at affordable prices. In this post, we have included the Polk S15 review, which will help you make the right purchase decision.

The Polk Audio S15 has a frequency response of 67 Hz – 40 kHz and 1 inch Terylene tweeter that provides high-quality sound.

The Polk S15 speakers are available in black and walnut colours. However, the walnut colour is the best selling colour.

Additionally, the Polk Audio speakers have an excellent robust design which makes them stand out from the regular speakers.

The speakers weigh 13 pounds, and the power ports on the back of the speakers include volume controls that allow users to increase volume and tweak the bass.

Moreover, the piano black gloss finish makes these speakers appear premium, and they have a durable build quality.

Besides, the Polk Audio S15 speakers can be wall-mounted easily without external stands, making the installation process easy.

Polk s15 features

Polk S15


Key Highlights

  • High-Resolution Audio Performance
  • Polk Dynamic Balance Designed Acoustic Array
  • Exclusive Polk Power Port Deep Bass Technology

The Polk Audio S15 speakers are designed to provide a surround sound home theater experience.

The S15 speakers can quickly fill small and mid-sized rooms.

The precision crossovers, cabinet styling, magnetic grille, dynamic balance designed acoustic array, and power port bass enhancing technology provide the best sound effects while watching movies and hearing music.

The dynamic balanced mica reinforced polypropylene cones with butyl rubber cover ceramic motor structures, terylene tweeter, and high-temperature Conex fiber spiders combine to form drivers with phenomenally high-efficiency sound and low distortion.

The Polk Audio S15 speakers deliver detailed high-end responses, making it easy to hear dialogues while watching tv shows and movies.

The S15 speakers deliver sound as it was recorded in the studio.

The Polk patented Power Port technology delivers deep rumbling bass compared to regular back ported speakers.

Polk S15 Sound Quality

The Polk Audio S15 speakers provide an engaging sound with good cinematic effects.

The Polk Audio speakers deliver decent sound, due to which, in most cases, you will not need an external amp.

The treble on these speakers is bright; however, they provide fine details even on max volumes without any distortion.

The upper mid-range is a bit thin, whereas the bottom of the mid-range has a fullness to it, thereby delivering a premium hearing experience.

The bass on these speakers is punchy and well present. However, it is not the main highlight of these speakers.

The Polk S15 speakers provide loud sound with fantastic imaging, which is worth mentioning.


  • Bass is good
  • Grille can be removed
  • Best looking vinyl wrap
  • Power port provides flexible placement
  • The speaker sounds good at low volumes


  • Detail is a bit low on the highs
  • Could cause fatigue on loud volumes

Is The Polk Audio S15 Worth The Dollars ?

These speakers are difficult to criticize because of the quality sound at affordable prices.

Moreover, the company provides good customer support, in case you face any problems.

In conclusion, The Polk Audio S15 speakers are ideal for users who are looking for accurate sound representation.

The Polk Audio speakers are not the best audiophile speakers. However, they can be considered as one of the best budget audiophile speakers.

Besides, these speakers provide detailed and accurate mids, which can be considered the speakers’ main highlight.

The Polk Audio S15 speakers can be placed next to a wall as computer speakers, which makes these speakers highly versatile.

They usually sound good around 55-60 decibels however this can vary from person to person.

Many users use these Polk Audio S15 speakers as satellite speakers; however, it is not ideal since there are better options.

Let us know your views about the Polk S15 in the comment section.

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