Types Of Earbuds

With the different types of earbuds available, it can get difficult to choose the right one for you. In this post, we have listed the different types of earbuds that you should consider in 2020.

With the advancement in technology, there are different types of earbuds available these days, designed for specific tasks.

We have listed some of the factors that you should consider before buying new headphones or earbuds.

Type Of Connection

The first factor you should consider is the type of connection you prefer. An easy way to know this is by uncovering your main requirements.

Depending upon how you wish to use your headphones or earbuds, you can accordingly select whether you would prefer a wired or wireless connection.


Types of earbuds

Wired headphones or earbuds come with the standard wire to connect to mobile devices, mp3 players and laptops.

Wired headphones or earphones do not have batteries and hence they do not need charging.

Wired earbuds do not require charging and can be plugged in any time.


types of earbuds

Wireless headphones or earbuds are ideal for people who want to work out and hear music simultaneously.

Wireless earbuds or headphones are convenient since there is no tangling of wires.

Wireless headphones require to be charged due to which they have limited playback time.

However, they can be convenient since you can move around comfortably without any wires dangling.

Types Of Earbuds

There are different types of earbuds available with different kinds of fit. You will notice that the same song will sound different on different types of earbud fits.

Usually, the better the fit, the better the hearing experience. Certain earbud fits can offer comfort while others can offer better sound experience.

Hence, it would be ideal to look at the different types of earbud fits available before buying your next pair of headphones.

In- Ear EarphonesTypes Of Earbuds

In-ear earphones fit inside the ear canal. They are compact and portable. In-ear earphones form a seal in the ear canal with the silicone tip due to which they provide excellent noise isolation.

They can be expensive compared to regular earphones. However, the sound quality they provide is premium.

On Ear HeadphonesTypes Of Earbuds

On-ear headphones or supra-aural sit on your ears. However, they are bigger compared to in-ear earphones.

Since they are bigger, they come with large sound drivers and loud sound. The only downside of the on-ear headphones is the fit of the headphones.

If you wear specs, you might want to try them before you buy these headphones.

Over the Ear Types Of Earbuds

These headphones cover the ears as the names suggest. These headphones can be used for long hours since they are highly comfortable.

The bass response and sound stage on Over ear headphones are phenomenal. However, they can be expensive compared to One Ear Headphones.

Noise isolation on these headphones is remarkable due to their over the ear design. Alternatively, if you prefer breathable headphones, you can opt for open-back headphones.


This post was an in-depth post on the different types of earbuds. Let us know your views about types of earbuds in the comment sections.

It all comes down to your requirements while selecting between the type of earbuds.

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