Best In Wall Speakers

If you are in search for the best type of in wall speakers with great sound, room-saving, and the latest technology, this article will help you find the best in wall speakers you should consider in 2021.

Everyone likes to listen to and dance to music, especially when we need to make up our mood for enjoyment and relaxation from work.

If you throw a party and enjoy yourself, the main thing is loud music speakers that can give you a full party mood and make you relieved from your stress.

Doing gatherings can help you loosen yourself from daily frustration and tense routines.

In order to eliminate any burden, you should try speakers that are ideal for different types of entertainment.

Speakers are a useful commodity in the daily household as it can be a  medium of comfortability for the women, children, and senior citizens.

In wall speakers can be considered for kids. They can be used to watch learning videos with good sound quality.

For older adults and women of the house, it will be a source of enjoyment. Besides, speakers can be used for office work too.

If you want to present your presentation, the speaker can be a suitable medium for it. However, speakers are also an important accessory for our daily lifestyle.

Top 3 Best In-Wall Speakers

1. MartinLogan ML65i


What We Like

  • Good amplifier installed.
  • It provides a high value of music with low frequency.
  • Best for entertainment from home theatres, and radio sound systems.

What Is Missing

  • Priced at a premium

2. Micca M-8S

Best-In Wall-Speakers

What We Like

  • They are easy to install inside the walls.
  • They are much affordable than any other in-wall speaker.
  • Great fit for the home theatre and stereo radio system.

What Is Missing

  • Subwoofers are not available within it.

3. Polk Audio 265RT

Best-In Wall-Speakers

The Good

  • Inbuilt with good quality of drivers and tweeter.
  • They can also be fitted into a bookshelf instead of a wall
  • The grilles of the speakers can be painted, so you can choose the best for you.

The Bad

  • This speaker cannot be mounted as a center speaker.

Best In Wall Speakers

  • 1. MartinLogan ML65i
  • 2. Micca M-8S
  • 3. Polk Audio 265RT
  • 4. Klipsch R-5502-W II
  • 5. Polk Audio RC85i

Speakers are all great but many kinds of them have a specialization in different genres of music.

There are numerous speakers like traditional loudspeakers, subwoofers, soundbars, and in-wall or ceiling speakers.

Every speaker is good in their aspect, but in-wall speakers are kind of great due to their specialty in room-saving and easy adjustability.

In-wall speakers are more preferred in today’s world.

They have many merits, and with the coming advanced technology, the audio system’s generation has come into the great achievement of enhancing speakers’ quality.

The audio system’s mechanization was too enlarged not so long ago, now it has been minimized to a very small size and can save much space in the room.

Are In-Wall Speakers preferable? 

In-wall speakers are kind of cool and awesome.

They are one of a type of architecture loudspeakers that can skillfully be accommodated into the walls of your rooms.

These types of speakers can provide you an incredible quality of sound, which may freshen up everyone’s mood in your family.

They are furnished with the latest and advanced technology.

They are inbuilt with decent designs and reliable structures.

A Tremendous quality in-wall speaker should have a premium sound quality and be fitted up easily in the wall.

In general, in-wall speakers are the loudspeakers that can be easily fit into the wall without being a different commodity in the house.

Isn’t it cool that a commodity is fixed inside our house without consuming any space, which usually occupies much space? Moreover, they add to the home decor.

In-wall speakers are available in various designs with all types of matches, due to which you can choose according to your home decor.

All-time they give a perfect match and enormous look to your interiors. The technicians can easily install In-walls speakers.

They will fit inside the walls of your house like they are invisible.

They are flush-mounted inside the walls. This feature of in-wall speakers makes them unique, room-saving equipment that is useful in every aspect.

They do not need any extra space and are hidden from the view. 

In the world of insufficient areas for a livelihood, room-saving becomes the main motive for most houses. Moreover, technology is increasing day by day.

Nowadays, people much prefer an interior design which can easily be fitted into the walls.

In many populated cities like New York, people are starting to prioritize accessories that can be easily adjusted to the ceilings and walls.

They can either fit into the walls or get installed in the walls. How great is it that these do not require much space for their placement?

Is it not good, providing high sound quality by the speaker that is not in your visuals virtually? Like there are many merits of speakers, there are many uses too.

They can be used as a sound system for home theatre. In-wall speakers provide you the sonic sound that can be preferable for home theatre.

Generally, people prefer an in-wall speakers’ system since they occupy less space and provide premium sound quality.

Nowadays, most of the houses have inbuilt sound facilities of home theaters and the home theaters are quite trendy too, so they are quite useful for places with less space and include all facilities.

In-wall speakers are available in various beautiful and decent designs which can beautify your rooms too.

They are available in different types of painted grilles or frames that make them more attractive.

They can also be the medium of decoration for many houses and hotels. They are present in very beautiful and tremendous designs.

With advanced and increasing technology, you can never find any lapse in structural terminology and design.

Due to their elegant and absolute designs, they are preferred over regular speakers.

You can get various choices and recommendations with the match of your furniture and interior design. 

In-wall speakers produce a very high-quality sonic sound.

For a large estate, you need multiple speakers. For a 5 bedroom flat, there must be at least 3 speakers installed.

But by using in-wall speakers, you can solve this issue, by installing less in-wall speakers. 

Therefore, the in-wall speakers save space and money.

With good sound quality, they also provide high pitch quality that makes it manageable for in-wall speakers to extend up to every space within reach.

There is no need to install different speakers in the kitchen and dining room.

In-wall speakers are not only a matter of entertainment. They can be used up as a formal appliance too.

For a meeting presentation, they can be attached to the acoustically transparent (AT) screens.

They can be easily attached to the projector and can produce reproductive sound.

Therefore, they can also be used in conference rooms.

In wall speakers can be mounted on the walls of the school classrooms and auditorium.

They can produce a heavy quality of sound and resolve the problem of sound reach-ability to the students.

There are many multiple uses. But the benefits specified above illustrates that the in-wall speakers are the best of all other kinds of speakers.

Therefore, it can be said that in-wall speakers are inbuilt with all-new features, astonishing and decent designs, and good structural durability.

And the most important is that they provide a beautiful and high-quality sound system.

Hence, in-wall structures are a preferable step to match the interior design of the house.

Types of In-wall Speakers 


In-wall speakers are all great. Their sound quality does not depend on the types.

They provide a real and enthusiastic surround sound, which lights up the atmosphere.

In-wall speakers do not emit the sound in one direction. They are capable of sending the noise in multiple directions.

This is feasible by a feature that is known as ambiance tweeter.

This characteristic of in-wall speakers allows them to transmit the sound in multiple directions.

In some places where the sound is not heard the most, it will be feasible for these speakers to deliver the sound there.

They are available mainly in three types: the ceiling speakers, center speakers, rear and side speakers.

In-wall speakers are categorized based on their place of installation instead of their quality of delivering sounds.

The Ceiling Speakers


The best in-wall speakers you can use for your ceilings can be stereo input speakers.

That provides you the best sound, which has easy accessibility to the places where sounds are heard the most.

This category of speakers is inbuilt with the left and right channels.

These channels come into approach when one tries to cover a whole room with one speaker.

Whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, or just to let the sound reach throughout your house, a stereo input style speaker will help.

You can enjoy your special party moments with your special loved ones.

They are all great and awesome. People use input stereo in-wall speakers generally for the rare event.

The Center or Core Speakers

Mainly in our homes, the sound system is surrounded by a typical center of the speaker placed right under the video display.

This speaker enables us to enhance the audio transmission throughout the room via a mid-range tweeter, which makes up the high quality and reachability of the destination of sounds.

Essentially, the core speaker lifts the audio that needs to be heard clearly over sound effects.

When people are talking in between the movies, it is just damn frustrating.

To resolve this problem, these core in-wall speakers are helpful. For a decent and enjoyable home theatre, I think this has to be installed.

They can be installed beneath the video system and provide you the best quality it can.

Additionally, they give the best impression of the interiors of your drawing room. In-wall speakers can become the show to your drawing room interior setup. 

The Rear and Side Speakers


The rear and side speakers deliver a more powerful and proper audio system.

They make the sound environment more realistic and efficient.

Also, they are inbuilt with right and left channels that improve their excellency and generate surplus sound.

Some speakers are available with the quality of producing sound in one direction at a particular time.

But, rear and side speakers are free from this property as they are in-bounded with separate channels from the audio system’s right and left.

So, these were the categorized in-wall speakers you should know about if you want to invest your money in it.  

Best 5 In-wall Speakers 

Here are some listed in-wall speakers that are chosen and reviewed the best.

They are listed based on fulfilling the client’s requirements.

It is quite difficult to choose the best of them on their functionality but you can make up your choices based on your needs.

Besides, they are enlisted like that, and they do not devastate your interior design and give it an elegant look.

1. MartinLogan ML65i – Best In-wall Speaker

MartinLogan ML65i


Key Highlights

  • Good amplifier installed. 
  • It provides a high value of music with low frequency.
  • Best for entertainment from home theatres, and radio sound systems.

MartinLogan’s in-wall speaker is the best quality in-wall speaker.

If you are willing to buy a good product and want to spend some money, you can buy this product.

It is very lightweight and can be easily installed on the walls of your house.

The reliability of this product’s components is of outstanding quality means the wires and woofers mended in it are durable and loyal.

MartinLogan ML65i In-wall Speakers Stipulations

Size – 11.2 inches × 8.2 inches
Weight – 4.85 lbs
Clambering Depth – 3.4”
Power Required – 15-90 watts
Maximum Input Power – 60 watts

MartinLogan’s Sound Description

You can get its sound description in the installation booklet but let me briefly discuss it so that you choose a more accurate one.

First, the thing to keep into consideration is the smooth working of the speakers.

MartinLogan’s speaker instructs to be in the break for at least 72 hours before it gets installed.

MartinLogan’s needs less input power, and with this quality also it provides a perfect bass.

With its high-quality sonic sound, watching movies is amazing and exciting.

The output is absolutely fine and it’s suggested amplification is near about 7 ohms at 60 watts.

Things that come with MartinLogan

In the package, you can find your exclusive MartinLoganML65i In-wall Speakers and it’s installation booklet.

Moreover, you will get the most astonishing speaker grilles you choose that make your furniture design decent.

Installation Details for MartinLogan Speaker 

For different room sizes and the place where it is going to be installed, our MartinLogan speaker varies on these conditions.

Therefore, they can be determined on the room’s size and where it will be installed so that the speaker’s sound can obtain its best result.

According to the speakers’ inbuilt properties, these speakers can produce the best results from the center position and rear and side positions.

As mentioned above, MartinLogan has a mounting size of 3.4”, which is not that deep. Hence the installation process is easier.

Additionally, this speaker comes with a frame that can be painted by your choice.

Hence, you can color with all your choice to make your interiors attractive.

The grilles nearly have a width of 4 mm, which is so slim. Being this thin, it can provide you a perfect match for your room decor.


  • Good amplifier installed.
  • Installed with multiple decent designs.
  • It provides a high value of music with low frequency.
  • It is lightweight and comes with less mounting depth.
  • Best for entertainment from home theatres, and radio sound systems.
  • Many choices available for gauge cables, so you can prefer the best of your choice.
  • Can provide the best quality of sound for side, rear and center positions.


  • It is expensive. If a person who wants to spend money can afford it.
  • Comes with thin grilles that have no much durability that is not of that value as the speaker.
  • For installing in the ceilings they are not preferable.


If you want to buy an in-wall speaker with good looks that can match up your interiors, you should buy MartinLogan’s ML65i in-wall speaker.

They are much more suitable for playing games and using it as a home theatre provides the best hearing experience. 

2. Micca M-8S – best wall mount speakers

Micca M-8S

Best-In Wall-Speakers

Key Highlights

  • They are easy to install inside the walls.
  • They are much affordable than any other in-wall speaker.
  • Great fit for the home theatre and stereo radio system.

Micca M-8S in-wall speakers can be said as the second-best quality in-wall speaker.

It comes with a very cool and awesome design. It is mended with 8 inches poly woofer that gives an exciting and sonic sound.

It is not that expensive. If you want a good quality in-wall speaker at an affordable price, this speaker can match your requirements.

It can be easily installed on the walls of your house that are mentioned in the installation template.

They are inbuilt with advanced technology and great looks.

Its sound quality is also terrific and much better than the other speakers.

These speakers come up with a long-life. With not much spending of money, you can buy a good product with all the best aspects.

Moreover, Micca M-8S is obtainable in three stunning colours that are black, white, and orange.

In all these three colours, it looks too decent and awesome. It gives a pure view of your interiors. It’s designed in a very fabulous and attractive way. 

Micca M-8S In-wall Speakers Stipulations

Size – 14.5 inches × 10 inches
Clambering Depth – 3.8 inches
Weight – 5.5lbs
Output frequency – 40Hz to 20,000Hz 
Maximum Input Power – 100 watts

Micca M-8S Sound Description 

You can also get its sound portrayal in the installation template, but this article can help you choose the best by your ideal prerequisites.

Micca in-wall speakers come with great sound quality and provide a better amplification than other in-wall speakers.

This speaker has accentuated with a 1-inch tweeter and 8 inches poly woofer. Also, in this speaker, the frequency can be changed with suitable conditions of listening for you.

Besides, the quality of the music provided by it is great. You can have an amazing experience with this for the home theatres and play stations.

Furthermore, it has a low-frequency driver of 8 ohms. With such a low-frequency driver, it gives a very good understanding of music.

Additionally, it is a 2-way speaker, which means that it can be joined to channels and deliver the sound to the right and left places.

Things that come with Micca M-8S

You can find your deluxe Micca M-8S in-wall speakers in the package’s carton and its installation booklet.

Moreover, you will get the most astounding speaker grilles with access to paint, and also it can give a decent touch to your internal design.

Installation Details for MartinLogan Speaker

Every speaker installation is done concerning the place where it will be installed and the size of the room.

But for this speaker, you have to locate a spot with the vertical axis, as Micca M-8S is inbuilt with the horizontal axis.

It does not provide you a facility of mention in any position.

These speakers produce their best quality of sound when they are inducted into the center position and rear and side position.

Its size is 14.5 inches × 10 inches, which requires a hole of 12.8 inches by 8.8 inches.

Finally, for the depth of the speaker’s fixation inside the walls, the hole should be of a least 3.8 inches depth.

Moreover, Micca M-8S is available in three exciting colours, which are kind of attractive and eye-catching.

Also, it’s front, and grilles are eligible to paint. You can paint them and can give them a more beautiful look with a match to your furniture.

This speaker is cool and comes within the budget.

Even a person with an average income can easily afford it. It is the best speaker that is available at a low price. It isn’t easy to find such a worthy and affordable speaker.


  • Available in a very impressive outlook and three elegant colours.
  • They are much affordable than any other in-wall speaker.
  • They are easy to install inside the walls.
  • Great fit for the home theatre and stereo radio system.
  • Inbuilt with a good amplifier and tweeter.
  • It also has cable gauges choices, you can choose the best, that is up to you.


  • Subwoofers are not available within it.
  • They can be fitted up in the vertical position only. You have to locate a place for them, where it can be mounted vertically.
  • It is not desirable to clamber it on the ceiling.


If you are an audiophile and are searching for a high featured in-wall speaker that can come within your budget, it will be the best choice for you.

Additionally, you can get a very eye-catching structure in three beautiful colours: black, white, and orange. However, orange provides a premium look to your furnishings.

3. Polk Audio 265RT – 3-Way In-Wall Speaker

Polk Audio 265RT

Best-In Wall-Speakers

Key Highlights

  • Inbuilt with good quality of drivers and tweeter.
  • They can also be fitted into a bookshelf instead of a wall
  • The grilles of the speakers can be painted, so you can choose the best for you.

Among the all we have reviewed, the third-best in-wall speaker is Polk audio 265RT 3-way in-wall speaker.

Polk Audio 265RT 3-way in-wall speakers are affordable and good quality in-wall speakers.

It is fitted with a low-frequency driver and a tweeter. It comprises three channels and is, therefore, a three-way in-wall speaker.

It is available in a simple and classy design that embellish your interiors and make them look attractive. The response to the sound is very impressive.

This architectural in-wall speaker provides a rich audio background.

Polk Audio offers many speakers but the speaker that provides a good result and is affordable, and then you can look at these.

Moreover, Polk Audio 265RT 3-way in-wall speakers can clamber on the center and rear and side positions.

Additionally, they can be mounted on the ceiling if it is required.

This speaker requires a larger area to be mounted on the walls as they are quite big.

This class of Polk Audio in-wall speakers can only be fixed with the vertical axis. It does not support the fixation in horizontal alignment.

Polk Audio 265RT 3-Way In-Wall Speaker Stipulations 

Size – 20.8 inches × 8.8 inches
Clambering Depth – 3.75 inches
Weight – 8.1lbs
Maximum Input Power – 200 watts
Power Required – 10 watts to 200 watts

Polk Audio 265RT 3-Way In-Wall Speaker Sound Description 

Polk Audio 265RT in-wall speaker is a good sound-producing in-wall speaker. You can find its best features in its mounting template.

This speaker elicits a heavy and sonic sound, which is favorable for home theater and play stations.

It is also suitable for gatherings, and you can have good enjoyment with loud music too.

The speaker consists of two 6.5 inches low-frequency drivers and a tweeter located amid the speaker.

Besides, the power strength is much higher in this speaker as compared to the others. Its power approach is from 10 watts to 200 watts.

Therefore, it provides an incredible bass audio system.

In a medium-sized room, this can be the best among all speakers. Overwhelming the other speakers, it provides the best sound quality. 

Polk Audio 265RT in-wall speakers can furnish you with a high frequency between 35 hertz to 25,000 hertz.

This featured speaker is capable of producing the bass, which will be loved by your ears.

Things that come with Polk Audio 265RT 3-Way In-Wall Speaker

Polk Audio 265RT 3-way in-wall speaker is a special speaker for your special ones.

In this speaker package, you will find the premier Polk Audio 265RT 3-way in-wall speaker, a clambering cutout template, speaker grilles, and a bass port plug.

The template can help you mount the speaker and speaker grilles can provide a terrific look to your interiors.

Installation Details for a Polk Audio 265RT 3-Way In-Wall Speaker

The installation of the Polk Audio 265RT 3-way in-wall speaker is quite difficult as it is heavier than the other in-wall speakers.

The weight of this speaker is 8.1 lbs that are bulky for the mounting on the wall.

Furthermore, you have to install it in a vertical position. You can install it in the place you want to.

The mounting of the speaker generally depends on the area and location where it can be easily mounted.

This type of speaker’s size is large enough. Its length is much larger than other involved speakers.

Therefore, in a small room, you may get some issues in installing it.

Further, it would help if you also marked this to not clamber as a center speaker due to its vertically large-sized characteristic.

Moreover, the Polk Audio 265RT 3-way in-wall speaker is obtainable in a very classy look with its side grilles.

The grilles can be effortlessly wiped out from the walls, which is due to their magnetic facet.

The grilles of the Polk Audio 265RT in-wall speaker can be stained with the colours of your choice and that match your decor and makes it eye-catching.

The grills give a refined look to your room decor.

Thus, we can assert that the Polk Audio 265RT in-wall speaker is incredibly good at installation and in its faces.

It is also affordable, and if your budget is usual, you can go for it.


  • The classy design is enough to make your room awesome.
  • Inbuilt with good quality of drivers and tweeter.
  • They can also be fitted into a bookshelf instead of a wall
  • This speaker will provide you a vibrant, sonic, and cool audio sound.
  • The grilles of the speakers can be painted, so you can choose the best for you.
  • This is an exclusive speaker. If you are looking for the best at a reasonable price you can choose this.


  • This speaker cannot be mounted as a center speaker.
  • The installation of the speaker is quite difficult due to its weight.
  • Mounting is needed should be large as the size of this speaker is large.


Thus, this can be concluded that the Polk Audio 265RT in-wall speakers are really good.

They are economical and can be within the limit of any individual.

Moreover, its design is decent and makes you up to give the best look to your interiors.

Furthermore, this speaker will provide you the feel of theatre at home.

This speaker is all good and has fewer deceptions. If the speaker fits your needs and budget, you may try it.

4. Klipsch R-5502-W II – best in wall home theater speakers

Klipsch R-5502-W II


Key Highlights

  • This speaker can be aligned vertically as well as horizontally.
  • This speaker is available in combinations of many sizes and shapes.
  • Also, the speaker is inbuilt with a very decent look that can provide your interiors with a stunning look.

The Klipsch R-5502-W II in-wall speaker is in fourth place on our list.

It is available in a good layout and an exclusive colour. It is a great speaker that is feasible in various varieties and sizes.

The height of this speaker is slightly high and is somewhat heavy too.

The Klipsch R-5502-W II in-wall speaker comprises two low-frequency driver amplifiers and one tweeter is fixed up in the center.

This speaker procures sonic sound quality with a low frequency.

As the speaker is obtainable in numerous sizes, it can be adjusted into the bookshelves and mounted on the ceilings.

Klipsch R-5502-W II In-wall Speaker Stipulations 

Size – 18 inches × 8 inches
Weight – 6.5 lbs
Clambering Depth – 3.5”
Power Required – 75-300 watts
Maximum Input Power – 300 watts

Klipsch R-5502-W II In-wall Speaker Sound Description 

The exclusive Klipsch R-5502-W II in-wall speaker provides you the best quality of sound.

You will be flattered by its music and bass system.

In this speaker, the subwoofer is not installed, but it gives you the best music and you will not realize that the subwoofer is not affixed to it.

The one-inch tweeter clamped in it gives you an awesome impression while watching movies and playing games.

Further, the Klipsch R-5502-W II speaker can carry power from 75 watts to 300 watts, which is qualified for making a system more powerful.

The Klipsch R-5502-W II in-wall speaker can be mounted on the left, center, or right side. 

If you are looking for a good and speaker with outstanding sonic and fabulous sound, then you should go for it.

It is embedded with all awesome features. It is somewhat expensive, but you can afford it if you want to spend some money.

Things that come with Klipsch R-5502-W II In-wall Speaker

The Klipsch R-5502-W II in-wall speakers come with the speaker frames.

These are printable and you can paint them with your choice.

Additionally, the paint protector is provided, which will conserve the paint from the external entities.

Therefore, in the package, you will get the paint protector with speaker frames and your terrific Klipsch R-5502 in-wall speaker. 

Installation Details for Klipsch R-5502-W II In-wall Speaker

The enormous Klipsch R-5502-W II in-wall speaker will give the perfect and decent look to your furniture.

Also, this speaker is easy to install. This speaker can be mounted horizontally and as well as vertically.

You don’t have to worry about its installation process and where to install it. It does not occupy much space.

You can fit the speaker in the way you want and on which side you want.

These speakers can clamber on both that are on the walls and the ceiling if you want.

Moreover, the speaker’s depth is not that deep, but you should check the correct mounting details, and then you should proceed.

Furthermore, you get the speaker grilles with this speaker too.

You can paint them in the manner you want, and put up all your designing innovations in it.

The paint protector also provides the speaker’s security and guards them against getting patches and stains.


  • This speaker is available in combinations of many sizes and shapes.
  • This speaker can be aligned vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Also, the speaker is inbuilt with a very decent look that can provide your interiors with a stunning look.
  • It is embedded with the best quality amplifiers and tweeters which will give you an awesome stream of music.
  • The speaker comes with speaker grilles which can be painted and also can be guarded by a paint protector which is also delivered with the speaker.


  • The Speaker does not have a subwoofer installed.
  • It is very expensive and is not within the reach of everyone.
  • For the stand-in bass, you have to recommend another in-wall speaker.


The Klipsch R-5502-W II in-wall speaker is inbuilt with all good features and you should prefer it if it fits all your requirements.

But for this, the main point to keep in mind is the budget. You should have an appropriate budget for buying it.

Although this speaker will give a hearing experience and you will enjoy music with these speakers.

5. Polk Audio RC85i – best wall mount speakers for music

Polk Audio RC85i


Key Highlights

  • Paintable grilles, that can be painted by your choice.
  • This speaker gives you a cool, awesome, and sonic sound.
  • Advanced sound provided with a good quality driver and tweeter.

Here comes the fifth-best speaker on our list.

The speaker in the fifth position in our list is the Polk Audio RC85i two-way in-wall speaker.

This speaker is not that heavy as compared to other in-wall speakers. Also, this speaker’s mounting depth is much less than other speakers.

Both points can be favorable to you. But it is a bit larger than other speakers.

Due to its formal design, this speaker can be installed on the other side, the outer side of the wall.

This speaker will contribute to making your sound more effective.

Due to its terrific and sonic sound, it is favored for your celebration mood.

This speaker will provide you with good listening transparency, and you can possess the best experience of home theatre.

Polk Audio RC85i 2-way In-Wall Speakers Stipulations

Size – 12.75 inches × 8.7 inches
Weight – 5.3 lbs
Clambering Depth – 2.9”
Power Required – 20-100 watts
Maximum Input Power – 100 watts

Polk Audio RC85i 2-way In-Wall Speakers Sound Description 

The Polk Audio RC85i 2-way in-wall speakers sound description can be addressed in its installation template.

But let us give you some portrayal so that you may get an idea of what a Polk Audio RC85i 2-way in-wall speaker is. 

The Polk Audio RC85i two-way in-wall speaker will give you terrific quality audio.

It comprises an efficient driver and a tweeter. You will be satisfied with their execution.

The tweeter installed in it is made up of soft metal, which provides the best sound and maintains the clearness of sound.

Besides, the range of frequency for this speaker can reach somewhat high.

You can be satisfied with its performance.

If you want high and tremendous performance for a perfect home theatre, you can have two of them that may reach up to your expectations.

This speaker is also a two-way in-wall speaker that can help you create a perfect sound atmosphere.

Things that come with Polk Audio RC85i 2-way In-Wall Speakers

In the carton of Polk Audio RC85i in-wall speakers, you can find your two exclusive in-wall speakers with their paintable grilles.

Furthermore, a template you can find in it.

Installation Details for Polk Audio RC85i 2-way In-Wall Speakers

In general, the mounting of an in-wall speaker depends on the speaker’s size to be mounted and on the location where it has to be mounted.

It would help if you were very particular in deciding the correct location for these in-wall speakers.

The Polk Audio RC85i two-way in-wall speaker can clamber in the vertical position.

You can not place it in the position you want. Also, the fixation of this speaker into the wall is quite difficult.

You would need some installation techniques, so it is good to have a technician to fix it.

Moreover, the Polk Audio RC85i two-way in-wall speakers can be affixed indoors as well as outdoors.

You can also mount it in places where moisture content is high, like the bathroom and near the garden area.

These speakers are resistant to moisture. Also, you should be fulfilled by its high performance.

This speaker provides you the perfect and powerful bass with its worthy driver and the tweeter is also installed to make up the quality and clarity of sound. 

With its tremendous sound feat, you will get in the mood for the party.  

Therefore, we can say that this speaker gives you the perfect audio for your celebration mood.

And this exclusive speaker gives you an attractive look for your interiors.

The grilles that are provided with it are printable. You can get them the touch you want.


  • Paintable grilles, that can be painted by your choice.
  • Advanced sound provided with a good quality driver and tweeter.
  • This speaker gives you a cool, awesome, and sonic sound.
  • It is the speaker that is resistant to the moisture content.
  • The speaker is affordable and can be in reach of the people. If you want a good and affordable in-wall speaker you should prefer installing this one.


  • It can be mounted in only a vertical position.
  • This speaker is large, and due to its size, you can select the location very particularly.


Here, at last, we conclude that the Polk Audio RC85i two-way in-wall speaker is a good quality speaker installed with the best features.

The main point that has to be considered is that it is affordable. And also it is designed with an attractive design.

It will make your interiors classy. If this speaker fulfills your requirements, you should have a try for this.

Here, we provide you with additional information that is the buyer’s guide.

What are the things that are to be concerned when you look for the best in-wall speakers?

If you have a desire to buy in-wall speakers, there are some things to be considered.

For an efficient and precise quality of in-wall speakers, some points are mentioned below that can be profitable to you when buying it.

But, first, you should know all your requirements so that you can understand them more precisely.

There are numerous aspects to analyze before buying in-wall speakers.

One should consider his needs before choosing these speakers so that you make the correct decision while buying.

Before buying them, you should consider the following points:

  • Sound Quality 

Although they have good sound quality. In-wall speakers cannot be compared with others in sound quality. They provide good and high sound quality.

But in speakers like them, their sound can vary on the quality of equipment used, as the wires and woofers fitted inside.

  • Humid Resistive

As in-wall speakers are fitted up inside the walls, humility has to be taken into concern.

You can not just fit the speakers that are prone to humidity. Any electrical device can stop functioning when it comes to contact with moisture.

Moreover, they are not inbuilt to make for external use. If the speakers are used outside the walls, they can malfunction and would create problems.

Also, they are not intended to be used in hot weather. Therefore, if we keep it away from these conditions, they can give the work more accurately.

  • Design

They are available in many designs. But you can choose a good design that matches your furniture.

For a proper and maintained interior, the in-wall speakers can furnish your decor with their beautiful painted grilles and frames.

  • Subwoofer 

An in-wall speaker with high quality should have well got good woofers in it.

For a powerful speaker system, the subwoofers should produce a realistic sound.

You should also check that the speakers you are installing are adjusted in less space or as per your requirements.

  • Safety

Safety is the first objective concerned. There is a big consideration related to security in in-wall speakers as they are fitted inside the walls.

Not only in-wall speakers, but every electric device should have adequate safety, and the precautions mentioned related to the device should be followed.

As in-wall speakers are affixed in the walls, they are troubled with wire setup.

Therefore, the wires should be chosen with cleverness.

If safety is not concerned, then in-wall speakers can be prone to fire and there may be many chances of an accident.

  • Size

In-wall speakers are available in many sizes according to your prerequisites.

Generally, the size of in-wall speakers counts on the room’s size in which the speaker has to be installed.

The size also has to be considered as the size can be decided on how much effectiveness of sound is needed.

In other words, this can be stated as an accurate size speaker that can provide you with a more efficient sound system.

Of course, the in-wall speakers with small size cannot provide you the efficient quality of sound in the bigger room.

Small in-wall speakers’ voices can be disfigured, and their effectiveness will be less.

  • Budget

It is obvious that we all set up a budget before we buy any sound appliances.

It would be ideal to set aside a good budget since these speakers are quite expensive.

But some ceiling in-wall speakers are available at less price too.

They are affordable and accessible by any common person too. You can get them from average ranges to expensive ones.

You can find them on various sites on the internet. 

  • Rubber Protection 

The protection and safety of the product are on priority.

The rubber protection guards the driver against the wall. The driver’s vibration leads to noise production, which can disrupt the music.

Using the driver’s rubber surroundings leads to the non-vibration of the diver and prevents it from making any additional noises.

Therefore, this article was for you to help in every aspect of buying the most suitable inwall speaker for you.

I think you can have the best choices through the tips we gave to you.

Final Thoughts on The Best In wall Speakers

This post is an indepth review on the best in wall speakers.

While there are numerous options available, we find these 5 speakers to be the best in wall speakers that you should consider in 2020.

Let us know your views about this post in the comment section.

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