Onkyo TX-NR646 Review

Whenever it has come to adopting new technologies and updation of features, Onkyo has always been at the forefront. The company is always seen to implement new technologies in their latest products always. In this post, we have included the Onkyo TX-NR646 Review.

Also, the company was the first-ever company to add HDCP 2.2 and Dolby Atmos for the first time.

Hence, the company has led the way by adding the technology of the immense sound surround formats added to the new TX- NR646 7.2 ch network A/v received.

You can see every other feature in this Onkyo receiver. The only thing that lacks here is the availability of the auto 3D format. Hence, it is considered a completely balanced and dynamic receiver in short.

The Onkyo TX-NR646 not only offers both formats, but the receiver also comes inclusive of many other features and formats.

This also includes improved streaming features and excellent connectivity. Onkyo has created some ideal pairs of sounding home receivers.

Hence, the trend tends to continue with the TX- NR646 receivers as well. The receiver can also take care of the decent music output.

Key Specs Of The Onkyo Tx- Nr646

Onkyo Tx- Nr646


Key Highlights

  • DTS:X Ready
  • High-Grade DAC
  • Easy Zone 2 Audio
  • Ready for UltraHD
  • Supports Dolby Atmos 
  • 170 Watts per Channel
  • Stream Virtually Any Music
  • Classic Analog & Hi-Resolution Digital
Brand nameOnkyo
Color nameBlack
Item display height6.81 inches
Frequency curve response10hz-100khz +1DB,-3 DB (DIRECT MODE)
Product dimensions32.77,43.43, 17.27, cm
Weight of the product9.39 kilograms
Batteries2AA batteries
Item model numberTX-NR646
Damping factor60hz
Input sensitivity and impedance200mv/ 47 k-ohms (line) 3.5 mV / 47 k-ohms (line)
Phono overload70mV (MM,1KHz/+1DB,-3DB (direct mode)
Power consumption6.4A, no sound, 70W, standby 0.1 W
Speaker connectorscenter, front left, front right, surround left, surround right, surround back, surround right, surround leafy

features and design of the Onkyo TX- NR646

Onkyo TX- NR646


Key Highlights

  • HDMI 2.0a & HDCP 2.2
  • Hi-Current Amp Design
  • Built-In Bluetooth, WiFi & AirPlay

Coming towards the design and build-up of the receivers TX-NR646, they look very similar to their predecessors.

They only have a large volume control of breaking the angular appearance.

However, the closer inspection of the design tends to reviver very minute and detailed changes.

These can be observed inside and outside of the only RX- NR646 receivers. The users can find eight HDMI inputs, antennas with improved wi/fi, and the excellent performance of the Bluetooth.

The MHL interface of the front HDMI is removed, and the USB port has been moved back for higher efficiency and to reduce the sound distortion as well.

In short, we can say that no major changes are found in these receivers by comparing their previous model with the present ones.

However, some added connectivity ports and an improved digital to analog conversion are also present in these receivers’ range blended in the best way with DTS:X.

The AccuEQ room acoustic calibration has been improved up to a great level in this model of the Onkyo TX- NR646.

Also, now the feature tends to improve and operate the excellent equalization of the front speakers as well.  This feature was not available in the previous model of the Onkyo receivers.

Glad it has been added in the latest version.  The right measurement of the receiver from one side is still yet to receive. But that doesn’t matter at this amazing price value.

Moreover, any user would be willing to invest in better sound quality if they generous and excellent taste in music.

As the Accu-eq lives up to the name in these revivers, they also include an EQ for different speaker groups. Which also consists of the subwoofer of the receiver.

It is a very useful but a little restricted EQ for the different speaker groups. This EQ can be adjusted in two steps ranging from -6DB and +6DB.

The terminals of the speaker offer a lot of flexibility, and hence, you can also choose from the traditional setups, which range from 2.0 to 7.2.

These have immersive setups, which include height speakers and zone 2 with the bi-amping.

Many features are also listening on the on-screen menu of the receiver. This looks well structured.

The menu is also very easy to navigate and intuitive as well. Although, the color and texture look a little dull on the other side.

The remote control is pretty the same as the last model of the Onkyo receivers.

Though, some minor changes are noticed. Though, the job is fairly done easily and looks amazing.

The remote control has laid out buttons and offers a remote app compatible with both technologies like ios and android.

This combines and gives the best controlling and streaming facility to the users.

Functionality Of The Video And Multimedia: Onkyo TX-NR646

The Onkyo TX- NR646 completely supports the 4k resolution of the video streaming. The frequency it supports is up to 60 HZ.

This is only possible because of the presence of the HDCP 2.2 HDMI ports.

The receiver also tends to support the 3D. Audio return channel, deep color, lipsync, CEC, and extended colorimetry.

The view aspect ratio is 21:9. The only thing is the receiver does not upscale the lower resolutions to UHD. Hence, it would help if you left the upscaling job to your TV functionalities.

In the aspects of the audio system, the Onkyo TX- NR64 supports the Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby digital plays, DTS HD audio master, DTS:X, DTS HD high-resolution audio, DTS 96/24, DTS-ES, DTS, DTS Express, DSD, and multichannel PCM of the size varied up to 8 inches effortlessly.

In these Onkyo TX- NR646, you can also stream audio wirelessly by Bluetooth or wifi systems.

These also support various music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM, the internet radio system, slacker, and TuneIn.

With the astonishing and easy to plug USB port, you can play media in FAT16 and FAT32 file formats.

Setup: Onkyo TX-NR646

The Dolby Atmos technology demands a complex setup configuration.

These can be easily managed with the AccuEQ room acoustic calibration program.

This is done to set the acoustic calibration volume levels of the pioneer elite atmos speakers and the subwoofers.

The procedure is very simple and completely effortless to execute.

It simply requires the user to run the entire calibration routine from only one microphone position.

The process greatly eases up the setup up to a great extent. In this, you don’t have to go to multiple locations. The resulting speaker balances were fine.

Manually the woofer sound was too loud, but they were easily managed with manual settings.

Sound Quality And Listening User Experience Of The Onkyo TX-NR646

The system has always delivered a decent job in terms of the music and sound quality.

There might be a possibility to execute some minor adjustments, but not much is required with these speakers.

You will be anyways satisfied with the excellent results of the receivers.

By playing various genres like delicate sounds, too loud, and the dramatic movies’ sound, you might find some settings and experience very annoying and noisy.

Therefore, you need to stop adjusting and let the sound play at their neutral settings itself.

You can also use the various listening modes and also apply the EQ. It depends on your preference and what is your music taste specifically.

The condition of your music listening room also matters in this case.

Therefore, make sure to take care of that to reduce the abrasion sounds.

It is a great fact that you can make all the necessary changes you need to make in your music listening time, depending on your requirements.

Some stats of the output measurement stands to be around 75 watts per channel. This is the frequency when all the channels are driven hard.

Also, movies tend to drive these at the highest force.

Although, the Onkyo has an excellent tendency to hold the stress power effortlessly and efficiently. This completely provides an exceptional experience for the users.

The TX- NR646 always tends to perform under control. The soundstage is also wide and easy to manage.

Sound effects like buzzing, thunder, and shock are presented with complete realism in these revivers.

These will take off all your distraction away and make you completely immersed in what is happening right inside the screen.

The powerful and well-balanced system provides excellent sound.

This also makes the music truly enjoyable. Though it might not reach the two amps channels performance, TX- NR646 are the best choices under the $700 category.

Onkyo TX-NR646 Review – Is It Worth Buying In 2021 ?

The Onkyo TX- NR646 is a very impressive receiver at this price range.

It is very similar and has a proficient sounding level like the Sony STR- DN 1060.it has better sports dynamics.

The Dolby Atmos and the DTS:X are nice extras in these receivers. But not the only reason to buy these receivers.

The only complaint that comes along with these receivers is that the AccuEQ still needs improvement.

The receiver with these price ranges has very few competitors. Apple airplay for streaming music from an iPhone, iPod, or tablet is the additional best feature to stream music from iTunes directly. 

These also play high-resolution digital music files via USB storage or with a networked computer.  

Let us know your views about the Onkyo TX-NR646 Review in the comment section.

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