Vizio Sb3821 C6 Review

If you’re looking to transform your tv audio into a home theatre like experience, this soundbar will not disappoint you. In this post, we have included an in-depth review of the Vizio sb3821 c6.

You can now transform your Tv audio into a home theatre with this soundbar without breaking the bank. This soundbar is available for less than 200, which is impressive.

Vizio Sb3821-C6


What We Like

  • Dolby Digital
  • DTS TruSurround
  • DTS TruVolume

What Is Missing

  • No HDMI

Build quality  

The build quality of these soundbars is premium and sturdy, which makes these soundbars highly durable.

The buttons included on these soundbars are responsive that allows you to control your audio while watching movies, tv shows and gaming.

These soundbars can be wall-mounted or kept below the tv, making the installation process straightforward and easy.

The remote quality is premium and responsive with sound presets that make it easy to customize the sound as per your preferences.

Sub Woofer

The subwoofer is small and compact. However, it delivers immense sound. The woofer fires downward, which causes rumbling effects.

Since the subwoofer is downward-firing, you can hear the sound effects vibrate the floor.

The bass on this soundbar is punchy and loud, which makes the experience immersive.

Sound quality

As mentioned above, the bass on this soundbar is loud and smooth. The mids on these soundbars are crisp and clear.

The high notes on these soundbars are smooth without any distortion, which is stunning.

The vocals on these soundbars are precise and accurate.

The soundbar includes a led volume indicator, which makes it easy to notice the volume levels.

Vizio Sb3821 C6 Review


Key Highlights

  • Dolby Digital
  • DTS TruSurround
  • DTS TruVolume


These soundbars come with Bluetooth connectivity due to which you can connect them with your mobile device as well.

This Vizio soundbar does not include an HDMI cable, which can be a let down for some users.

However, it includes USB and optical cable, which makes it easy to connect the soundbar.

2.1 Sound Bar System

The 2.1 channel system, when paired with a subwoofer, can provide room-filling sound.

This combo makes it an ideal home theatre system for people looking for quality sound without breaking the bank.

This Vizio soundbar delivers upto 100dB of sound with thumping bass that makes the hearing experience premium.

 Dolby Digital

This soundbar supports Dolby Digital movies due to which the sound on these soundbars provides high-quality sound.

Dolby Digital is an audio standard for Blu ray, high definition DVD and streaming.

It provides a 5.1 channel audio signal to a 2.1 channel soundbar with advanced coding that enhances the movie experience.

DTS TruSurround

This soundbar includes DTS TruSurround, which delivers a realistic sound experience on soundbars.

Surround sound enriches the fidelity and depth of the sound, thereby providing a cinema experience at home.

It also includes DTS TruVolume, which allows you to set a standard volume once so that you don’t need to adjust it during commercials.


This post was an in-depth review of the Vizio Sb3821 C6. 

Let us know your views about this soundbar in the comment section. We find this soundbar to be worth the dollars in terms of the sound quality they offer.

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