Klipsch Rb-61 ii Review

Rarely we come across bookshelf speakers that can provide premium sound quality at affordable pricing. The Klipsch RB-61 fits in this category and we have included a detailed Klipsch RB-61 ii review.

This company started in 1964 in Arkansas and has constantly been upgrading their speakers due to which they remain relevant today as well.

Our initial thoughts about this speaker were average. However, when we fired up these speakers up, we were amazed at these speakers’ sound quality.

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Build Quality


These speakers have a wooden premium finish, which has a subtle elegance to it. It has a minimalist design due to which they will complement most home decors.

The speakers include premium materials, which make them highly durable.

It includes Medium-density fibreboard, which is a cost-effective solution instead of real wood.

The downside is that these speakers need to be stored where there is less moisture or could eventually affect the quality of the sound.

The speakers weigh 35.3 pounds, which makes these speakers a bit heavy.

You can remove the grill of the speakers if you don’t have kids around.

Sound Quality


The sound stage on these speakers is wide, which provides an immersive hearing experience.

The high notes on these speakers are crisp and clear without any distortion. The mids on these speakers is accurate and precise.

The bass on these speakers is deep and resonating, which separates these speakers from its competitors.

Although the bass is loud and punchy, it does not overpower the mids.

Audio separation is precise and evident, which is stunning. Since these speakers have a flat frequency response, the mids are precise and vocals shine on them.

The titanium horn-loaded tweeter provides accurate audio without causing hearing fatigue, which is impressive.

The titanium horn tweeter facilitates a wide soundstage.

The sound is well balanced with a good punch of bass and phenomenal voice clarity.

The Tractrix horn includes an additional boost to the tweeters, which provides an edge on the high notes.


This post was a detailed Klipsch RB-61 ii review.

As per our evaluation, we find these speakers worth the dollars in terms of the sound quality they provide.

These speakers can easily fill up a room with their loud, powerful sound.

If you are looking for quality bookshelf speakers below 400, these speakers should be your ideal bet.

Let us know your views about the Klipsch RB-61 ii in the comment section.

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