How To Make Galaxy Buds Louder

The initial response from most users who purchased the galaxy buds was that these earbuds are not loud enough. In this post, we have included a tutorial on how to make galaxy buds louder.

We will admit that the volume of the galaxy earbuds is low. However, when we used the earbuds for some time, we realized that the earbuds have an internal volume which Samsung has not openly spoken about yet.

The earbuds have fantastic sound quality, but you are using just fifty percent of the earbuds’ audio capacity unless you know how to ramp up the volume.

When we adjusted the internal volume, we noticed that the earbuds get loud and the sound quality was phenomenal.

Hence we decided to include a tutorial on how to make the galaxy buds louder with two different methods.

How To Make Galaxy Buds Louder


The easiest way to make the galaxy buds louder is to enable Media Sync. 

  1. Go to the settings of your device.
  2. Navigate to Bluetooth and look for Advanced options in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Turn on Media Sync settings and you’re good to go.

What this does is it equalizes the internal volume levels of the buds to the phone volume.

This means if you increase the phone volume to seventy-five percent, the volume of the internal bud will also go to seventy-five percent.

Once you turn on Media Sync settings, you will notice the volume of the earbuds increasing significantly.

An easy way to know if your earbuds are playing music on full volume is when you max out the volume, you will hear a beep in the right earbud.

Although Samsung has not officially spoken about this, which is weird, considering the complaints and feedback about low volume levels.

In case you do not find an increase in volume, you can try the second method, which should solve the problem.

How To Make Galaxy Buds Louder With The App

While playing around with these buds, we found another way to increase the earbuds’ volume levels.

  1. Go to the Samsung wearable app.
  2. Click on Galaxy buds in case you have the smartwatch connected as well.
  3. Look for the Touchpad option under Galaxy Buds
  4. Under Touchpad, you will see Left and Right options. Click on Right and select Volume Up.

When you press and hold the earbud, the volume will max out. Once the volume is maxed out, you can revert the settings to ambient mode.

This method should increase the volume significantly and you will be able to hear a beep once the volume is maxed out.

Other Ways To Max Out The Volume On Galaxy Earbuds


If both these methods don’t work for you, try updating the firmware. 

In case you find that the volume issue persists, you can apply for a replacement if the earbuds are under warranty.

Some of the common issues users faced with the galaxy buds were low volume, one earbud quieter and low volume on the left earbuds.

In these cases, replacement should be the ideal option as there could be a technical error.


This post was an in depth tutorial on how to make galaxy buds louder.

Let us know if these methods worked for you in the comment section. We noticed that these two methods solved the volume issue for most users.

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