Best Headphone Brands

Looking out for new headphones? It would be a good idea to know the best headphone brands.

We wanted to know what people think and hence we conducted a survey for the best headphone brands.

We were shocked to see the change in results. We have listed seven best brands that you should consider before you buy your next headphones.

Apart from the survey, since we test numerous headphones to update this website, we have added some picks of our own to give you the seven best that you should look out for in 2020.

Best Headphone Brands

  • 1. Sony
  • 2. Sennheiser
  • 3. Audio Technica
  • 4. Bose
  • 5. SkullCandy
  • 6. Beyerdynamic
  • 7. SteelSeries

Top Pick


If you’re in the market for consumer headphones, then hands down, Sony dominates this space with their signature headphones WH-1000MX3 and sony WH-1000MX4.

Active noise cancellation on these headphones is the best compared to other headphones. 

The bass on these headphones is punchy and the mic of the headphones is crystal clear, blocking background noise.

If you want to know more about these headphones, check out our detailed review about them here.

Overall, Sony has crushed this segment by providing quality headphones with features that few headphones can compete with these headphones.

2nd Choice


Sennheiser headphones are popular in the audiophile and gaming community because of their pure sound representation.

This company dominates the gaming and high-end headphone market.

Sennheiser engineers some of the best open-back headphones with a wide sound stage, making the hearing experience immersive.

Sennheiser headphones are popular in the audiophile and gaming community because of their pure sound representation.

This company dominates the gaming and high-end headphone market.

Sennheiser headphones are known for their Hi-Res Audio, active noise cancellation and premium build quality.

The sound quality of Sennheiser headphones is detailed without being recessed, which is why they are popular.

Additionally, the HD 800 S and the HD 600 have been famous for gaming and hearing music.

Although while purchasing their high-end headphones, you would need an external amp.

These headphones are worth considering if you have the budget for headphones and amp.

3rd Choice

Audio Technica

If you are on a budget and are looking for premium sound quality, these headphones will not disappoint you.

Audio Technica is one of those few headphones that offer premium sound at affordable prices.

The build quality, noise cancellation and long battery life have made these headphones the ideal pick for many headphone lovers.

These headphones can provide minuscule details and clarity.

Most of these headphones do not require an external amp and can be plugged directly to any mobile device.

This brand is common amongst sound engineers because of its unique sound signature, making it easy to monitor sound and record sound.

4th Choice


Bose is one of the major brands in the headphone industry. They are known for their premium sound quality.

Bose has always been criticized for its high prices, which is fair considering other brands offer the same features for lower prices.

However, Bose nails it at providing the best hearing experience with its elegant minimalist design, noise cancellation and bose app, which allows various customizations.

Furthermore, the headphones have released some new models that have become the town’s talk in the headphone community.

Bose has released Augmented Reality, which is a work in progress for now. It’s one of the few brands that has been working on perfecting this type of playback.

5th Choice


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Skullcandy was initially known for its cost-effective headphones. The brand soon grew out by high-end engineering headphones with noise cancellation and long-lasting battery life.

The recent release of Skullcandy Crusher with Active noise cancellation has been one of their best releases, which put them in the league of premium headphones..

Skullcandy provides headphones at different prices due to which this brand has been the favorite for many users.

Whether you’re on a budget or you want premium headphones, Skullcandy compared to its competitors.

The bass on Skullcandy headphones is the best amongst other headphones. If you’re a bass lover, then these headphones won’t disappoint you.

The headphones are more designed for regular consumers due to which the sound is a bit recessed.

Overall this brand competes with some of the industry giants and still manages to establish its presence.

6th Choice


This brand has stood out in the podcasting and sound monitoring department because of their accurate sound representation and wide soundstage.

These headphones do a great job of providing details and intricate pieces of sound, which would be hard to notice on other headphones.

Along with a good sound signature, the build quality of Beyerdynamic headphones is durable and sturdy, which makes them popular in the headphone community.

Beyerdynamic headphones have been used in the gaming department because of their sound signature, which provides a good gaming experience.

This headphone brand has been dominating for quite some time with their headphones in the sound monitoring department.

7th Choice


SteelSeries is known for their gaming headphones.

They come in elegant designs, retractable mics, and long-lasting battery life, making these headphones the ideal choice for most gamers.

From budget-friendly to high-end gaming headsets, this brand has established its presence well and rapidly.

The frequency response, sound stage and surround sound of these headsets provide the best gaming experience.

Steelseries has managed to stay relevant in the gaming community by constantly evolving and designing headphones that sound good and look good.

Their recent designs are elegant due to which these headphones can be used for hearing music and gaming.


This post was an in-depth review of the best headphone brands in 2020.

While there are multiple brands available, we found these 7 to be the best headphone brands in overall performance.

For consumer headphones, Sony remains the undefeated champion.

Sennheiser remains the best in the audiophile because of its unique sound signature and multiple variants, making it easy for consumers to decide.

Let us know your views on the best headphone brands in the comment section.

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