How To Fix Sound Delay On Bluetooth Headphones

One of the most annoying things is when you’re watching a TV show or movie that you’re engrossed in and you noticed there is a lag in the playback. This sound delay can obliterate excitement. In this post, we have included ways on how to fix sound delay on Bluetooth headphones.

Sound delay is one of the most common problems amongst Bluetooth headphone or earbuds users.

There could be multiple reasons for a sound delay on Bluetooth headphones.

Before we look at the troubleshooting methods to reduce sound delay on Bluetooth headphones, let’s look at some easy fixes that could solve the problem.

Easy Fixes


These minor fixes solve the problem for most users. However, if this does not solve the problem, you can then refer to the troubleshooting process.

Ensure your Bluetooth is compatible with the device: Although this may sound simple, there will be a delay in sound if your headphone supports Bluetooth 4.1 and your computer supports only Bluetooth 5.0.

Reset The Bluetooth Headphones: Resetting the headphones or earphones can work since its quite possible that the headphones are not connected properly.

When headphones are not appropriately paired, it could lead to sound and syncing delays. Ensure your mobile device or pc is not connected to additional devices like an Apple watch. In some cases, this could be the problem if you’re using third-party headphones.

Be within a decent range: Most headphones have low coverage due to which it leads to sound delays. Try staying as close as possible to the device you’re trying to connect as this could help to reduce the sound delay.

Additionally, ensure there is nothing in between the headphone and the mobile device as this could interfere with the connection.

Ensure The Headphone Battery Is Not Low: Some headphones and earphones cannot play music above fifty percent volume when their battery is low.

Similarly, we have noticed a dip in Bluetooth connectivity as well when the headphone or earphone battery is low.

4 Ways On How To Fix Sound Delay On Bluetooth Headphones


In case the above steps do not help, then these four ways will fix sound delay on Bluetooth headphones.

When it comes to Bluetooth headphones or earphones, there will always be a delay. However, we can only try our best to minimize it as much as possible.

Update Drivers: Sometimes, it could just be that your computer drivers need to be noticed. If your headphones work perfect on a mobile device and there is a sound delay while using the headphones on Pc, then these steps may help.

Go to control panel and update your sound drivers along with Bluetooth driver.

Try Troubleshooting On Pc: If the sound delay is noticed on Pc, you can troubleshoot and check for errors. 

Some times windows can suggest tweaks that need to be made to connect Bluetooth headphones.

Restart Headphones and Computer: This may sound like watered-down mainstream advice, but most of the time, this method gets the job done.

Try restarting your devices and start the pairing process from the beginning. You may have to click on Forget Device to start the pairing process again.

Rollback factory settings: In case you have auto-updates on and your Bluetooth drivers on pc get updated automatically, try resetting to factory updates as this could help in reducing sound delay.


This post was an in-depth tutorial on how to fix sound delays on Bluetooth headphones. Let us know in the comments if this worked for you.

In case you still have sound delays, comment below and we will try our best to assist you on the same.

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