How To Clean Headphones

Most people invest in premium headphones and forget to maintain them. Buying good headphones can provide a premium hearing experience however if you don’t clean them, they soon wear out. In this post, we have listed a detailed guide on how to clean headphones.

Cleaning your headphones may seem like a daunting task however thats not true. Cleaning your headphones can be easy and it increases the lifespan of the headphones.

Furthermore, keeping your headphones clean will provide better sound quality since ear wax and dirt can deteriorate the sound quality tremendously.

If you wear headphones to the gym, office and at home they accumulate bacterias and germs.

If you take a bath after every workout session, imagine the dirt, bacterias and stink accumulated on the headphones.

In this post, we have included ways on how to clean headphones for different brands.

How To Clean Beats Headphones

How To Clean Headphones

All you need to clean these headphones are clorox wipes, cotton wipes, paper towel and cloth.

Begin by wiping the ear pads of the headphones with cotton wipes. If the wipes you are using contains alcohol, avoid using them on the ear pads since it can lead to discolouration.

After you have wiped them with a wet wipe, ensure you wipe them dry quickly with a dry cloth. 

Earpads tend to crack since the moisture breaks them down along with the sweat. 

Use the wet wipe and wipe the headband along with the exterior of the headphone. While doing this ensure the wet wipe is not soaked in liquid as this could affect the circuitory of the headphones.

A simple way to maintain and reduce cracks in your earpads is by keeping silica gel pack inside the earpads.

The pack will absorb the moisture and ensure your earpads are dry.

How To Clean Bose Headphones

How To Clean Headphones

All you need to clean your bose headphones is clorox wipes, cotton wipes, paper towel and dry cloth.

Begin by wiping the earpads of the headphones with clorox wipes and ensure you drain the liquid from the wipes to avoid any damage to the circuitry of the headphones.

Try to use wipes which do not contain alcohol since they can discolour the earpads.

Once you have cleaned the earpads, wipe the exterior and headband of the headphones. Dry the headphones with a dry cloth to avoid any cracks in the earpads.

If you have ear wax, grim or dirt accumulated, use a cotton bud to clean the grills of the headphones. 

Ensure your q tips are dry to avoid any damage to the electrical circuitry of the headphones.

How To Clean Sennheiser Ear Pads

How To Clean Headphones

Sennheiser headphones are commonly used by gamers and sound engineers because of the sound quality they deliver.

If you dont clean the ear pads of Sennheiser headphones, you will notice that they dont feel comfortable and the headphones loose their delicate sound quality.

If you have velour earpads, take them out gently and clean brush the ear pads with a lint roller.

Take a bowl of warm water and fill in detergent powder. Let the earpads soak in the detergent water and rub the earpads with your fingers to get rid of any ear wax, grime and dirt accumulated.

After rubbing the dirt off the eaerpads, squeeze them and rinse them in clean water. 

Once you have done this, squeeze the earpads and let them dry. After the earpads are dry, brush them off with a lint roller.

How To Clean In-Ear Headphones Or Apple Earphones

How To Clean Headphones

In ear seem to get dirty easily and quickly since they are close to the ear canal. Hence they accumulate ear wax easily compared to over ear and on ear headphones.

This accumulated wax and dirt on these headphones lead to a deterioration in sound quality.

To clean your in ear headphones you would need alcohol cleaner, cotton buds, q tips and a small bowl.

Remove the silicone tips of the earbuds and clean them first with a cotton bud. 

Dip the cotton bud in the alcohol cleaner and remove the dirt by gently rotating the cotton bud around the silicone tips.

Once you have done that, you can rinse the silicone tips with alcohol cleanser and wipe them dry.

Take the cotton buds and clean the grills of the earbuds with the alcohol cleaner.

Be gentle while cleaning the earbuds so as to avoid any damage to the in ear headphones. Once you have done this, put the silicone tips back and youre good to go.


This post was an in-depth post on how to clean headphones. There are many ways to clean headphones however we found these ways to be the safest while cleaning the headphones.

Let us know your views about this post in the comment section.

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