The KEF recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. So far, the brand is known for creating excellent speakers at the excellent price range. In this post, we have included a detailed Kef Ls50 review.

Hence, to give a tribute to all of their amazing tech innovations by the launching of the LS50. This was a very special launch from the KEF to appreciate their very 50th year.

The concept of the LS50 was completely influenced by the legendary BBC studio monitor.

The name and model of the studio monitor were LS3/5a.

Along with it, you won’t be able to find any audiophile forum in which you won’t read anything about these spectacular speakers.

Right after the launch of the speakers, they have gained immense popularity from the media and users.

The speaker’s coincident Uni-Q driver turns out to be the specialty of these speakers. In these the tweeter, and woofer project sound from the very same physical point in the space.

Hence, the ultimate design of the speakers seems to be iconic.

The LS3/5a was considered the go-to monitor by the BBC for decades.

As the sound and performance of the speaker were astonishing many speakers built concerning these BBC LS3/5a by the many manufacturers.

Therefore, if at all the KEF was to launch any project based on this legend then the result indeed is going to be a very special speaker.

KEF LS50 Description



Key Highlights

  • Max SPL: 106dB
  • Amplifier Power: 230 Watts per speaker
  • Frequency Response: +/-3dB 45Hz – 28kHz

The LS50 bookshelf speaker is a completely new design of the speakers.

Though you can find some technical similarities to the KEF blade flagship floorstander. Along with it, you get a good deal of brainpower and sophisticated design solutions as well.

Though, the product looks very similar to its predecessor. The KEF LS50 is completely redesigned from the inside.

The cabinet design, port, drivers, and crossovers are arranged with the most suitable arrangements to deliver the best quality of sound.

The most marketable change that you can find in these speakers is the use of a new metamaterial that sits behind the uni-q driver unit to absorb the rear radiation of the driver.

The cabinet of the KEF LS50is designed with piled MDF and the front end is designed with a hard resin.

The KEF made a realistic and outstanding job with the finish on the LS50wireless. This not only appears solid but is also beautifully crafted and refined by considering every detail. 

The most eye-pleasing feature in this build is the combination of the white base body with the black and copper of the uni-q driver which is very pleasing to the eye and is hence very attractive too.

KEF LS 50 Speaker Features



Key Highlights

  • Uni-Q driver
  • KEF Control APP
  • Bluetooth, USB, Optical, RCA

The KEF’s mini monitor is the compact bookshelf speakers.

These are available in the color range of the high gloss black and white piano lacquer.

These are equipped with a completely and newly equipped 5.25-inch uni-q array with rose gold magnesium-aluminum cone for the black version of the KEF LS50 speakers.

For the white version of the LS50 speakers, there sits a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter with a tangerine waveguide.

These eventually combine to contribute to the excellent and wide sound dispersion of the uni-q driver set.

The large volume of the phenomenal omnidirectionality of the KEF LS50 is only due to the unique shaped midrange driver. 

The very flat membrane of the driver ensures the sound waves of the tweeter inst negatively affected.

Accordingly, the curved baffle of the KEF LS50 provides optimized sound management and also minimizes the edge diffractions. 

The unwanted vibrations and resonances are also suppressed by the very effective bracing and the tightening of the cabinet of the speakers.

During the time of the occasional residual resonances, they are kept separated from the internal and external structure by using the insulation on critical parts.

Eventually, this turns out to be the perfect situation to minimize the discoloration in the midrange and allow the music to play in the best possible way in all the frequencies.

Build Quality And Finish Of The KEF LS50 Speakers


The KEF LS50 speakers are the excellent model of workmanship.

These speakers are crafted marvelously and are technically still up to date with all the features and drivers.

The internal stiffening and the curved baffle of the speaker make up the very sturdy and stable quality of the cabinet. 

This type of cabinet is specifically insensitive to all types of resonances. The finish of the speaker design is flawless and weighs around 15.8 lbs on each side.

Adding to the build, no screws are visible in the baffle which makes the design more clean and neat.

Apart from these build qualities, the KEF LS50 Metas are available in four different types of finishes these are namely mineral white, titanium, carbon black, and the special edition of the royal blue.

Sound Quality Of The KEF LS50 Speakers


These appreciation speakers born out of the fiftieth anniversary of the kEF need to be treated with a good break.

With the right amount of break, these KEF LS50 can perform their best eventually.

Very similar to other speakers, the LS50 will exactly and unequivocally make clear whether the sound engineer has performed an excellent job or not. 

The compact KEF LS5 tends to hide not even a single detail. Making the sound to be presented more clearly and transparently. 

You can also experiment with the sound from the KEF LS5 in your own home.

This will give you a fair review of how the sound performs at various frequencies. The resolution of the depth and width of the sound is extraordinary.

Though, the sound from these speakers is natural and has exactly the right size, volume, and fullness.

These monitors also have amazing stability in aspects of the sound and also have amazing floor stander qualities.

The sound played in these speakers cannot be of super-low bass.

But when it comes to the frequencies of around 60-70 HZ the sound is completely clear and precise.

It sounds, even more, when these are placed near the walls.

Measurements Of The KEF LS50


The KEF LS50 has always performed excellently in the measurement labs.

Though the frequency response tends to uneven usually. Apart from that, all the other parameters are found balanced.

These parameters are also not dispersed or with any sort of resonance or distortion. 

The fairly compact monitor has reached deep down into bass frequencies. These have also easily reached the upper measurement limit at about 25000 HZ.

These parameters generally have shown a straight line. Thus tends to demonstrate the phenomenal omnidirectional characteristics of the KEF LS50.

KEF LS50 Review – Is It Worth Buying In 2021

Hence, these are the important specification of the KEF LS50 speakers.

The anniversary model of the LS50 is absolutely a gorgeous speaker with an astonishing finish.

Though the price range is a little bit on the higher end, they are worth money.

Perfect for all the music genres and movies. The materials used in the build of these speakers are of really high quality.

The software entirely provides the setup guide with which you can easily install these wireless speakers at your home or studio effortlessly.

Hence, at this price range, the quality you get is worth investing in.

We have tried our best to provide an unbiased KEF LS50 Review in this post.

Let us know your views about the KEF LS50 Review in the comment section.

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