Klipsch RF-7 II Review

The Klipsch manufacturers tend to update their speakers with the latest technologies. In this post, we have included the Klipsch RF-7 II review.

The Klipsch RF-7 II is an outstanding pair of flor standers speaker. The Klipsch has recently updated their entire reference II line providing many extra features with stunning quality to users.

Also, the users tend to say that, ever since they first heard the music from this huge Klipsch range speakers, they tend to look for such similar experiences.

The look and feel of the speakers are huge, hard rock, and solid. However, it tends to deliver sweet and acoustic music in every way.

The tonal structure of the speaker with a sturdy build Is considered neutral.

Overall in simple words, we can say that the gigantic speakers Klipsch RF-7 II come with the ultimate combination of the raw power, weight, and extreme sweetness of the music.

Klipsch RF-7 II Speakers

Klipsch RF-7 II


Key Highlights

  • Titanium Tweeter
  • Dolby Atmos Ready
  • Furniture-Grade Wood Veneers

Unfortunately, the manufacturers stopped selling these great speaker ranges in 2006.

Hence, to cover the need for these speakers, a temporary replacement was launched as RF-83. The Klipsch Rf-83 speaker was initially designed with 8-inch woofers.

The Rf-83 speakers were not similar to the RF-7 series in which the twin 10-inch drivers were used efficiently.

The Klipsch RF-7 series had a smaller footprint as compared to the larger ones. Still, the RF-83 speaker rage was not at all similar to the RF-7 series.

Either in terms of the build or the sound quality.

Changes – KLIPSCH RF-7 II



Key Highlights

  • Tractrix Horn
  • Cerametallic Woofers
  • Premium sound quality

The Klipsch speakers are two-way speakers. The woofers reproduce the midrange.

The RF-7 series has the crossover, which is tuned to 2200 HZ, which is very high for such large woofers.

Also, to avoid the directional flow, the diameter and the diaphragm should be smaller than the wavelength of the sound waves that they render.

Besides, a diameter of 10 inches tends to correspond to an upper frequency around 1300 Hz.

Hence, the RF-7 series cuts the crossover frequency to 1200 HZ.

Thus, these ultimate speakers in reference II series performance allow you to experience the true power, detail, and emotion of the cinematic sound.

The RF-7 II series is ten times more efficient than the other series of these floor standing speakers since these are equipped with the high sensitivity of the 101 DB.

This is only because of the Klipsch RF-7 II speakers’ significant cabinet buildup, the presence of the large bass reflex ports, and the bass rolling at 30HZ instead of the lower frequencies.

The treble horn of the speaker also works as an acoustic amplifier fr the titanium tweeter.

Play The Speakers At Loud Volumes – KLIPSCH RF-7 II

You are probably not buying these Klipsch speakers to play at the lowest volumes. Isn’t that true?

Well, when you finally get your hands on these fantastic speakers, it is time to turn up the volume.

The Klipsch RF-7 II speaker range will never disappoint you as soon as you turn up the volumes.

Though the speaker’s volume does not tend to go deep in the bass, their bass weight is super high.

There is also a cohesion of the frequency, which implies that they do not hold up anything at the backend.

The two things or parameters that strike in these speakers most are the production of the Rammstein production overly compressed, which hinders the drums.

Second, the easily driven speakers’ presence needs a more powerful amplifier if you want to go all out.

Female Voices

Usually, male voices are considered to perform better than the female vices in the Klipsch RF-7 II.

You can quickly analyze that by playing the piece of sound in the speakers.

Although, the speaker has extreme dynamics even when you play the sound at the lowest volumes.

Therefore, the power resources and the muscles should never be estimated in the Klipsch RF-7 speakers.

Also, that gets proved while you play any music, even at the lowest volume.

The Klipsch Rf-7 series favors the darker frequencies as well.

But that turns out to be okay, as even the lighter vices require some fullness. The sound also doesn’t sound stuffy in the usual way.

The tweeter of the speaker also performs excellently well.

The Changing Amplifier

For the best amplifier, you can go for Burson audio timekeeper. These amplifiers are bridged to mono and are also connected with the balanced cables to a Hegel 

P30 is ideal for concert levels, each set with a frequency of around 240 HZ.

This is usually executed to give extra life to the sound.

Moreover, this amp makes the concerts and any events with Klipsch RF- 7 more lively.

On the other hand, the sound’s quality, tranquillity, and resolution are also well maintained and preserved. One should not hear the music at this threshold for long.

Although, it feels undoubtedly amazing to hear these beats live.

With Yamaha amplifiers, the sound is not so clean and tidy at moderate frequencies.

Though, it sounds neater and yet highly controlled as well.

The speakers also operate in the rarefied air reserved for the high-end speakers. In this price range of the Klipsch RF-7 II, you can expect considerable performance.

Technology-wise also provides controlled directivity and wide-range coverage for a better experience.

They look a bit boxy because of these speakers’ massive build-up, which is not regular like standard speakers.

Overall, a premium range of speakers to invest in for higher durability.

If you are a great music and movies lover, these speakers fit perfectly for all the ranges.

More Muscles In These KLIPSCH RF-7 II speakers

Even at the normal listening levels, you will still feel like you experience the best sound from these speakers.

You can also use the Yamaha amplifier to amplify the sounds at higher levels.

One of the best things about the Klipsch RF-7 speakers is that they are not only excellent with better sound performance.

Instead, they provide neat, clean tiny at a lower frequency and lower wavelengths.

Are Klipsch speakers really good?

The Klipsch speakers are the best-selling speakers so far.

Depending on who you ask, you can get a variety of opinions. Therefore, below we have mentioned the most important pros and cons.

The most considerable answer to this question is that the speakers are of really decent quality and provide the users with an incredible sound experience.

The speakers are a little expensive, but you pay worth the deal according to the features the speaker provides you with.

Pros Of The Klipsch RF-7 II Speaker

Excellent QualityThese speakers are undoubted of high quality.

There are many other brands of speakers available with the same features, but they are highly premium. But these are premium and affordable too.

These are made of in-wall speakers, quality wall speakers, and pretty much everything that you need to fill in your living space with.

Best For Higher Frequencies-Due to the heavy and sturdy build of these Klipsch RF-7 speakers.

They are best for all the moderate, lowest, and even at the highest frequencies as well.

They are also undoubtedly known for their excellent high-frequency ranges.

Wide Range Of ProductsApart from these Klipsch speakers, the brand tends to make many other products that you can use for better performance.

Strong Buildup– The sturdy and gigantic speakers are best for providing high durability. These last for a very long time.

Less Distortion Even at the highest frequencies, the speaker provides you with less distortion.

This eventually results in a better sound experience for the music experience.

Cons Of The Klipsch RF-7 II Speaker

The Pricing Of The Speakers Is Not Cheap: If you ask anyone about these speakers, they will undoubtedly complain that though the speakers are of excellent quality, they are not in the mid-range of pricing.

Hence, these are not for everyone. Also, these do not have similar sounds to your floor stand speakers as these have a horn tweeter inbuilt inside these that provides the higher bass of the sound.

They may sound a little different to some users. But no doubt they are worth listening to.

Klipsch RF-7 II Review – Is It Worth Buying In 2021 ?

The Klipsch RF-7 is a gigantic speaker. These are two-way speakers with an equal soundstage.

Every sound, whether rough or warn, sounds super balanced in these speakers.

You might not have even thought about the excellent balance environment of these speakers.

Even if the sound is on the complete neutral side, you can still experience the balanced quality.

Every element in the speaker ties up so well that there is not much need to customize the needs.

The horn tweeter also blends very well with the build-up. The Klipsch RF-7 II also combines the raw power and the total size with the musical sweetness.

As the price range of the speakers is a bit challenging, you can find the other pair of speakers with a more neutral sound character.

But you won’t find speakers that are better than these Klipsch RF-7 series.

The Klipsch RF-7 II is worth the dollars in terms of its sound quality and premium features.

Let us know your views about the Klipsch RF-7 II Review in the comment section.

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