How To Clean Headphone Jack

Have you ever noticed lower sound quality from the same headphones over time? Chances are it’s not the headphones but the dirty headphones jack. In this post, we listed four different methods on how to clean a headphone jack.

Your phone, laptop or mp3 player headphone jack is open due to which it accumulated dirt, dust and grime over time.

If you don’t clean it, chances are the sound quality of your headphones will deteriorate. Your headphones may not even work at times.

Overall it’s something you shouldn’t ignore. Hence we have listed four different methods on how to clean the headphone jack.

Obligatory disclaimer: The methods stated in this post have to be done at your risk. We would not be responsible for any damage caused to your device.

1. Clean The Headphone Jack With Uncompressed Air


If you want the job to get done quickly, get an uncompressed air can. You can find these cans in any electronic stores.

The best part about this method is that it is the safest method since air won’t damage your headphone jack.

There may be plastic covering around the nozzle. Ensure you remove it. This plastic covering is added to avoid leaks from the cans while transporting them.

Point the uncompressed air can to the headphone jack and let some airflow in. You will notice the dust and dirt coming out.

Ideally, one or two sprays should get the job done and your headphone jack should be clean and ready to go.

Before you do this, ensure you switch off your mobile device.

If you don’t have an uncompressed air can and you want to clean your headphone jack right now, don’t worry; the other three methods will work for you.

2. Use Cotton Swabs To Clean A Headphone Jack


Take cotton swabs or Q tips and remove some of the cotton pieces to fit inside the headphone jack.

You can find these at any drug store or general stores.

Ideally, opt for thinner cotton swabs or remove the extra cotton if you have the fluffy swabs.

Switch off your device before you begin anything. Insert the cotton swab gently and rotate the swab accordingly so that you can get most of the dirt out.

In case you notice that the headphone jack needs more cleaning, use rubbing alcohol.

Dip the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and squeeze out the extra liquid.

Once you have removed the extra liquid by squeezing the cotton swab, insert it in the headphones jack and remove all the dirt.

Be careful with the amount of rubbing alcohol you use since it can corrode metal. Try to keep it at minimum usage.

After you have done this, insert a fresh cotton bud and remove all the moisture to dry it quickly.

3. Use An Interdental Brush


Interdental brushes are used to remove any dirt from your teeth. In this case, we will remove the dirt from the headphone jack.

These brushes are available at any drug store or general store. They are inexpensive and easy to find.

While using this method, be extra careful and gentle since you can spoil the headphone jack if done roughly.

Pour some alcohol cleaner in a lid or container. Dip the interdental brush into an alcohol cleaner.

Ensure that the interdental brush is moist and not completely wet.

Turn off your mobile device and insert the interdental brush. Rotate it accordingly so that you can get most of the dirt out.

If the headphone jack is dirty, you may have to repeat this process another time.

Once you have completed cleaning the headphone jack, let it dry out for some time. I know you’re excited to see how music sounds now, but wait at least an hour.

After doing this, you will notice the jack has no grime or dust on them. This process is a simple and effective method to clean a headphone jack.

4. Use A Toothpick


If you don’t have a cotton bud, you can use this method. Take a toothpick and cover it with tape or cotton.

Avoid using the toothpick directly as it can damage the jack.

Once you cover the toothpick with tape or cotton, insert it into the headphone jack and clean off the dirt accumulated.

While doing this, be gentle as it could damage the headphone jack if done roughly.


This post was a detailed tutorial on how to clean headphones jack. If none of these methods work and your headphones jack is not working, it would be recommended to seek technical support.

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