CVC Noise Cancellation

Some of the common terms which get thrown out in the headphone community are Cvc, Anc and Noise Isolation. In this post, we have included a detailed review of Cvc noise cancellation.

Furthermore, we will also be including the difference between CVC and active noise cancellation.

Both CVC and ANC are designed to provide better voice quality.

However, they function differently. We have tried to explain this difference in this post elaborately.

What Is Cvc Noise Cancellation

Cvc stands for clear voice capture, which is designed to provide clear calls by filtering background noise.

This technology is mainly used for calls. However, they can be used for podcasting and conferences as well.

The CVC technology is ideal if you’re in a loud environment since this technology blocks out background noise to communicate clearly on calls.

The latest technology of CVC 8.0 has been recently released, provides the best clarity over a call.

The features of Cvc noise cancellation include the following

  • Comfort noise
  • Howling control
  • Adaptive equalizers
  • Nonlinear processing
  • Automatic gain controls
  • Send/Receive equalizers
  • Auxiliary stream mixing
  • Power savings techniques
  • Frequency enhanced speech intelligibility

How Does Cvc Noise Cancellation Work


CVC is a mix of algorithms that aim at delivering the best voice quality over calls.

With the development and advancement in CVC technology, you can now talk in loud environments and communicate clearly.

CVC noise cancellation blocks background noise such as ambient noise, street noise and other people speaking in the background.

With CVC noise cancellation, the background noise gets suppressed due to which call quality gets improved significantly.

Whether you’re on the road or in a loud environment, this technology enables better call quality.

CVC noise cancellation works better the longer your on a call. It understands the environment noise and blocks it effectively.

What Is Active Noise Cancellation


Active noise cancellation technology provides the best music or calling experience. The function of this technology is entirely different compared to CVC noise cancellation.

Active noise cancellation blocks background noise, which allows you to focus on the music even in loud environments.

Active noise cancellation technology works excellent along with Passive noise cancellation technology.

Passive noise cancellation blocks background noise by creating a seal in the ear canal.

How Does Active Noise Cancellation Work


Active Noise Cancellation works with the help of a mic integrated on the headphones. The mics on the headphones actively block background noise to provide a better hearing experience.

By blocking the background noise, you can hear every nuance of the music, thereby improving hearing quality.

Active noise cancellation has been getting better every year. The recent 5.0 active noise cancellation version provides remarkable noise-canceling experience.

Active noise-canceling technology can block up to 20 decibels of sound, thereby eliminating 70 percent of background noise.


This post was an in-depth post on Cvc noise cancellation. While this technology is still a work in progress, it still provides a better call experience.

Let us know your views about this post in the comments section.

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