Logitech G933 Vs G935

If you are one of the gaming freaks, you want to get your hands on the best gaming headset. Well, here in this post today, we will compare the best gaming headsets. The Logitech G933 Vs G935 are today in the comparison list.

Although both the headsets are almost similar in design and build, they have a considerable difference in their features.

We will have a detailed look at the differences in the features and every minute detail right away.

But if you are already using Logitech G933, then Logitech G935 doesn’t come with many upgrading and technology advancements.

Design And Build Comparison Of The Logitech G933 VS G935

Like the inline remote system controls, the inputs in the dongle are shifted to the new model.

Whereas on the other hand, the Logitech g935 gaming headset has excellent sound quality, but the users can EQ both the headsets inside the G hub application.

Also, the Logitech g935 has a better wireless connection range and has very minimal latency also.

The Logitech G933 has a better-sounding microphone for better sound delivery which is the best for playing games.

Logitech G933

Logitech G933


Key Highlights

  • 7.1 Dolby Surround
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • 12 hours of wireless battery life

The first variant of the headphones, the G933, is a pretty little slick headset. They have wonderful curves and shapes and ear paddings.

These also come along with excellent RGB lighting. The lighting feature enhances the look and feel of the Logitech G933 headset.

Also, history has claimed that these are the most flexible type of gaming headsets. 

Besides, connectivity is never an issue with these types of headphones.

You can hook these up via the wireless USB receiver to a PC or your console system.

Many users use these headsets with their very heavy PS4 systems. You can hook these up via a 3.5mm cable or with a USB cable also.

The Logitech G933 headset model supports the connection of the various input sources at the same time.

Hence, this eliminates the usage of various wires, which might make your game setup messy.

With this, you can also live mix the USB and also analogue inputs from the mobile devices.

You can also hook up to answer phone calls while playing games continuously.

The battery life of the Logitech G933 is excellent and provides continuous 8 hours of output without any break.

You can also use the LEDs for continuous eight hours with sound inline.

The G933 Artemis spectrum has full RGB customization for the LED strips. These go around with the cans and G logo.

You can also find three programmable keys on the Logitech G933 headset. 

A mute key and volume dial button is also present at the back left ear side. This helps in the smooth functioning of the headset.

Logitech G935

Logitech G935


Key Highlights

  • Large 50mm Pro-G drivers
  • Advanced DTS Headphone: X
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz–10 KHz

These are some of the most versatile types of gaming headsets.

Also, with the term versatile, these headsets are easy to work with both types of gaming consoles.

The headsets are made with extreme flexibility to work with all types of gaming setup.

These also adopt all the changes instantly. Also, the look and feel of these headsets are slid. These are very sturdy with higher durability. 

The important thing to consider here is the different finishes of the headset.

These might get overlooked essentially but are amazing.

If you pay closer attention to these details and finishes of the headset, you will avoid unnecessary fingerprints.

The presence of the fingerprints will also provide the users with an ugly headset look over time.

You won’t be able to wear them constantly for a longer period and different events also.

The Logitech G935 tends to put the matte finish, especially on the places where you technically can grab the headset a lot.

Also, Logitech places the glossy finish in places where you don’t grab the headset much.

This ensures that there are very few fingerprints and your headset always looks attractive.

If you used a pair of headsets before, you might also know that these headsets come with brown colour ear pads.

Hence, these have a very interesting earpads design. These are available in shape that opposes the basic ear pad pattern.

Comfort Of The Gaming Headsets Logitech G933 VS Logitech G935

The Logitech G933 is comfortable. These come with plenty of cushion padding. Hence, you can wear these for a larger period.

The material used is heavy, solid band style. It might weigh a little heavier on your head due to the heavy build of the headband.

You might feel that the extra weight is making you feel uncomfortable for a short period.

But fairly, these are super comfortable, and with the average gaming sessions, these perform well.

Logitech G935

These headphones tend to fit pretty well on-ear designs.  These also come with very nice cushion beds.

The padding makes them very comfortable to wear for a longer period.

Even if you wear these headsets for continuous hours, then also you feel them weighing much heavy.

The earcups have a lot of padding. Hence, when the headset rests on your ears, it won’t make you feel overwhelmed at all. 

You will also not feel like your ears are being pressured. 

These are the most comfortable padding in the gamin headsets available at this price range.

Performance Logitech G933 VS G935

The microphone folds up to the left side. 

Also, the quality of the microphone is excellent in both the Logitech gaming variants.

In the G935 model, you can also pull it out when not in use.


Overall, an excellent pair of the gaming headset.

These are the best in terms of money. Although, $15 is the difference in the pricing of both the headsets.

If you want to look out for an excellent headset with all the updated drivers and systems, you should go for Logitech G935.

Let us know your views about the Logitech g933 Vs g935 comparison in the comment section.

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