What is mic monitoring

Mic monitoring has become popular recently because of the gaming community. In this post, we will look at what is mic monitoring and how to use it for gaming.

Most Games these days include multi-players and teams where you can communicate which each other while gaming.

Mic Monitoring

Mic monitoring helps you to hear your voice with your headphones. This keeps you aware of how loud your voice is so that you dont land up screaming at your teammates while gaming.

Usually, while gaming when people are not able to hear themselves they end up speaking loudly which causes an unpleasant experience to the person hearing them.

Hence mic monitoring helps in calibrating voice levels so that the user can adjust his voice accordingly.

How to turn mic monitoring on

Mic monitoring depends on which gaming console or device you are using. Usually, you can turn on mic monitoring settings in the mic settings.

While adjusting your mic volume you will be able to switch mic monitoring on.

Hence you can make the following changes accordingly.

If you are able to switch mic monitoring on while gaming on the Xbox One, you can opt for the Turtle Beach – Ear Force Headset Audio Controller Plus.

This controller allows you to switch control game volume and mic volume separately so that you can control your voice.

Additionally, it includes mic monitoring so that you can adjust your microphone accordingly.

It includes Superhuman hearing where opponent footsteps and ambient noise is highly evident which provides a competitive edge while gaming.

Other Gaming Consoles: VANKYO Gaming Headset CM7000 offers mic monitoring and is highly cost-effective along with surround sound to enhance your overall gaming experience.

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